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PH for Philippines

I read this from MANILA, Philippines-The Philippine Daily Inquirer is now using the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) initials “PH” when referring to the Philippines, and no longer “RP,” the acronym for “Republic of the Philippines.” The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced last month it was adopting the ISO initials “PH” in accordance… Read More PH for Philippines

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Beginning of the Christmas Season

Christmas is one looonnnggg season in the Philippines. For others, as soon as the -ber month enters, christmas carols are played and christmas decorations start to adorn houses. Little Dynamo’s Lola (grandmother) asked for the Christmas tree and christmas decors to be cleaned so she can have bonding time with her apos (grandchildren). Bonding means… Read More Beginning of the Christmas Season

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Untimely Funeral?

Got this from April’s blog: Funny or irreponsible journalism? Picture above was printed in Manila Bulletin, one of the biggest newspapers in the Philippines. Facts: Picture above was of ex-President Cory Aquino’s recent funeral President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the current president of the Philippines Aquino and Arroyo are the only two female presidents of the Philippines Ex-President… Read More Untimely Funeral?


Majestic Mayon

 I saw this picture from today. Majestic and grand. The wraparound cloud with seven birds was a dramatic addition which the surgeon/photographer chanced upon. Lucky! What makes this volcano stand out from the rest is its almost perfect cone. I remember a school performance when I was in grade school about the myth of… Read More Majestic Mayon