Uniqlo in Myeongdong

A friend and I set out for Myeongdong last Saturday and we were so surprised to see a big crowd between the Tabby and the Miliogre Shopping Malls in Myeongdong. It turned out that the crowd responded to the hype of the Uniqlo Global Flagship Store opening. The grand opening was actually last 11.11.11. The enthusiasm,… Read More Uniqlo in Myeongdong


World One Curry in Myeongdong

Was in Myeongdong last Monday to accompany mother-in-law for some shopping. It’s the Grand Sale Season, remember? As hubby’s office is also in Myeongdong, he met us for lunch and treated us to a chicken feast. He brought us to a small alley, we went up a narrow stairway, and got into a small restaurant called “World… Read More World One Curry in Myeongdong