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House Keys No More

When I first arrived here in Seoul more than three years ago, my husband immediately and excitedly brought me to the apartment we called home for two years. It was my first time to experience a Spring morning so I was freezing outside the door but hubby took the joy in showing off the keyless lock feature of our… Read More House Keys No More

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13 Hours

Hubby starts his day on the gym while Little Dynamo and I prepare for dinner. When hubby prepares to go to bed, Little Dynamo and I are just starting our day. When hubby moves to another state, it would be another time zone and another adjustment will be done.  In a case like this, we could… Read More 13 Hours

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Grocery Bills

We are all affected with the global economic slump, one way or another. I see the effect in my grocery bills. A little over 100,000 won grocery bill used to be enough to cover some basic ncessities for our family of three for a month. This does not include food and clothes and cosmetics but the really basic ones… Read More Grocery Bills