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Skating Rink in Incheon International Airport

The Incheon International Airport had won the Best Airport Award for 6 consecutive years. Not so surprising about that if you have been traveling via that airport and have experienced its excellent and stress-free service. And there’s more… we got the opportunity to check the other side of the huge airport when Firstborn had his… Read More Skating Rink in Incheon International Airport

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Kinder Liebe: A Pre-school Option for Foreigners in Seoul

I found a pre-school for my Little Dynamo. Kinder Liebe.  I was overjoyed when I visited the place for the first time and discovered that the Directress speaks English. For a foreigner like me who doesn’t speak Korean, this is a relief and this is the most important factor in choosing my son’s pre-school.  Important too was the… Read More Kinder Liebe: A Pre-school Option for Foreigners in Seoul

expat living, life in korea

Weekly Grocery

One of our family time is doing the weekly grocery together. Since the opening of Lotte Mart in Lotte Castle which connects to the Gongdeok Station in Mapo-gu last year, we have been doing our grocery here. Not only is it near, it gives us the convenience that other Lotte Supermarkets cannot. It delivers our grocery for free.… Read More Weekly Grocery

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Where’s my breakfast?

We’re back here in Seoul. I woke up on my first morning wondering “where’s my breakfast?”. There’s no one to say, “ate, kain na po kayo”. Yesterday, we got ready to go to the playroom at the second floor of the building. Six months away from here, my Little Dynamo has apparently forgotten where the playroom is.… Read More Where’s my breakfast?

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House Keys No More

When I first arrived here in Seoul more than three years ago, my husband immediately and excitedly brought me to the apartment we called home for two years. It was my first time to experience a Spring morning so I was freezing outside the door but hubby took the joy in showing off the keyless lock feature of our… Read More House Keys No More