Sleepless in Seoul

I sleep soundly when hubby is at home. That is to say, I don’t sleep until he comes home. So, when he’s out with colleagues after office hours I can’t bring myself to sleep until he’s on the bed with me. What do I do when he’s out on business trips? I hardly sleep! Sleep… Read More Sleepless in Seoul

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Friendship Day

I was with a Vietnamese friend yesterday afternoon checking out one of the day cares around Mapo. While at the daycare, I received a call from a Korean friend inviting me for coffee. While my son was sleeping in his stroller, I did have that coffee. While having coffee, another friend called me asking if… Read More Friendship Day

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How To Get Back

I don’t just get mad. I get even. So, when the hubby enjoys the expat lifestyle of being here in Seoul and goes with the flow of binge drinking, what do I do? I savor every minute of long distance calls to the Philippines. Sweet revenge. I can’t wait for the next bill:-)