Shopping for a Preggy

I am not an expert on make-up but I do love putting on make-up. I’m just not adventurous as I am too scared to try products other than those my skin had been used to. And by these products, I only mean two to three brands. I go exclusively for Clinique for my foundation, Clinique… Read More Shopping for a Preggy

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Skin Problems?

Women have all sorts of concerns… who doesn’t? LOL… and the most visible cause of concern is the FACE. Lucky are those who didn’t go through the period of having pimples. Yikes, I did… grade 5, grade 6? Good thing I didn’t have to go through the acne problem. But for those who do, no… Read More Skin Problems?


International Women’s Day

Today is not about man vs. woman… neither is today the day of the feminists… Today (make it everyday) is ABOUT and FOR every woman who is comfortable and confident with who she is and what she is. Have a great day!


What’s your Scent?

Over the years, I had been looking for the right scent for me. I am allergic, that’s why. Perfumes were greatly avoided for a long time, save for special occasions where putting on a perfume was deemed necessary. Even at work, I had to content myself with mild colognes. Victoria’s Secret (VS) was the safest… Read More What’s your Scent?