Germany and Argentina maximized the entertainment value of the Finals game of the World Cup with Germany’s Gotze only scoring less than 7  minutes before the end of the second extra time. The tension-filled game ended up with this:     22-year old Gotze must be overwhelmed by the speed of how he came to… Read More

We, Filipinos, in South Korea were elated over the win of Gilas over the players from South Korea. Hmmm…. come to think of it, even the Koreans believed that the Philippine team will win:-). Anyway, here’s the report from Korean TV showing the winning mood of the Philippine team: Gilas may not have won the… Read More

Firstborn started with his Taekwondo classes last April 1. And he likes it! And here’s coming from him: I like taekwondo. Do you know why? Because I find it so, so fun and great. When I went their I did hulahoop then we all runned away from the ball but atualy that was just a game. at… Read More

There’s a lot of shopping that goes into planning a snowboarding trip before any snow and mountainside is ever actually seen. Especially for beginners of the sport this process of finding and buying all the right gear can be exhausting and sometimes so troublesome that it eliminates the excitement over the trip altogether. This is… Read More

It was a choice between a 50mm for portrait shoots OR a good tennis racket to keep up with my boys and to develop my own “sport”. And I got both! my 50mm lens my Wilson TRIAD racket And I got both… lalalalalalalalalalala!!!! So many thanks to hubbydoo!… Read More

Have you ever sat on the beautiful beaches of Southern California and wondered what it would be like to catch a wave on a surf board? Surfers look like they are having such an exciting adventure. It must be a wonderful feeling to conquer the big waves. With a Santa Monica surf school you can… Read More

Ever had the experience of trying to find the perfect skateboard but you simply ended up being disappointed? At I guarantee that you will not be disappointed they have everything that anyone could imagine! The amount of selection that is available to everyone is just insane! It is especially a great website as well… Read More

  It’s one thing to have a cutting edge Arbor snowboard with the latest design features and radical graphics that the entire mountain can see and envy. But if you aren’t keeping that board safe when you step off the course you’re doing a disservice to yourself and the craftsmanship. And when the elements finally take… Read More

One time, after Firstborn’s tennis class three Korean ladies got into the Lapaz tennis court. They were looking for a tennis pro for the son of one of the Korean ajummas who, they said, is on an advanced level already in Korea. Knowing how meticulous Koreans are, I was not surprised when they requested to… Read More

This is a very delayed post but I can’t stop myself from raving about our very own Manny Pacquiao. It was not just his fighting skills, it was not just his now legendary fists and it was not just about his famous speed on the boxing ring. More than anything else, after his 8th world… Read More