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And Germany Won!


Germany and Argentina maximized the entertainment value of the Finals game of the World Cup with Germany’s Gotze only scoring less than 7  minutes before the end of the second extra time.

The tension-filled game ended up with this:


 photo imagejpg1_zpsa307c6b2.jpg

Contrasting faces of World Cup 2014


22-year old Gotze must be overwhelmed by the speed of how he came to get Germany’s only goal.

Messi maintains his individual glory. But, well, he is not Team Argentina.

And so, Germany got the championship!


 photo imagejpg2_zps9a4139d3.jpg

The Champions

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Gilas Winning Moment Against South Korea

pinoys in korea, sports

We, Filipinos, in South Korea were elated over the win of Gilas over the players from South Korea.

Hmmm…. come to think of it, even the Koreans believed that the Philippine team will win:-).

Anyway, here’s the report from Korean TV showing the winning mood of the Philippine team:

Gilas may not have won the gold against Iran tonight, but it has secured a spot in FIBA 2014 to be held in Spain. Yey!

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“I Like Taekwondo. Do you know why?”

Firstborn, sports

Firstborn started with his Taekwondo classes last April 1. And he likes it!

And here’s coming from him:

I like taekwondo. Do you know why? Because I find it so, so fun and great. When I went their I did hulahoop then we all runned away from the ball but atualy that was just a game. at the next day I did jump rope but jump rope is hard and then we runned again from the  ball. then after that we were being trained. then after that all of us got home and I also made Jiyoung laugh so, so hard and also my other classmatss. I made one boy laugh in the bus. then several girls laugh at the bus and inside the school.

This is another stolen write-up from my son’s writing notebook… sort of his diary already… he writes about those which he fancies. I try to correct his spelling and grammar… but he’s just so happy he has written something when he’s done. So I end up not pushing the corrections:-)… in any way I look at it, he wins! He can write about the things he is passionate about… and that’s all that’s important!

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Get the Gear You Need, with the Price and Ease You Want


There’s a lot of shopping that goes into planning a snowboarding trip before any snow and mountainside is ever actually seen. Especially for beginners of the sport this process of finding and buying all the right gear can be exhausting and sometimes so troublesome that it eliminates the excitement over the trip altogether. This is a shame as snowboarding is one of the great thrilling extreme sports around and should be fully enjoyed by anyone regardless of skill level. The fact is there is just a lot of safety gear and equipment that are needed to make snowboarding happen. But there are ways to save time at the store and still get the gear you need, only with much more ease and much less money than it would normally take.

A snowboard package is like an all-inclusive outfitting of snowboarding gear designed to get someone who has none at all up on the mountain in no time. It takes away the stress of seeking out and matching each item piece by piece, wondering if different brands are compatible with each other and whether the designs will look right next to each other. A good snowboarding package allows you to complete your shopping with just a few quick selections. Start with the board and from there you’ll be given a select list of choices for bindings and boots. All will be compatible with each other and the same matching style. So you’ll know for a fact you’ll both look and feel good riding down the mountain, and yet you’ll never have to go to more than one store or actually shop for more than a single item.

Buying your snowboarding gear in a package deal is also a great money-saver. You only pay a single cost instead of paying for each item individually, which quickly adds up to huge savings. All that money that would otherwise be spent on gear can now go toward the other essentials like jackets and pants. Those will keep you warm and dry for multiple mountain runs, not only helping performance but also increasing your safety. Some amazing 686 pants are a great addition to any snowboarding package before you go on your trip. The water and windproof design is excellent even at high speeds and a variety of colors and designs are available so you can match the attire with the package you’re also purchasing. There’s no reason you can’t look and feel good without spending a ton of money on snowboarding gear. Find the right all-in-one package and you’ll be well on your way to carving up the mountain without breaking the bank.

Guest post from Thuy Vy.

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I Got Both!

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It was a choice between a 50mm for portrait shoots OR a good tennis racket to keep up with my boys and to develop my own “sport”.

And I got both!

my 50mm lens

my Wilson TRIAD racket

And I got both… lalalalalalalalalalala!!!!

So many thanks to hubbydoo!


Malibu Makos Surf Lessons for All

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Have you ever sat on the beautiful beaches of Southern California and wondered what it would be like to catch a wave on a surf board? Surfers look like they are having such an exciting adventure. It must be a wonderful feeling to conquer the big waves. With a Santa Monica surf school you can learn how to do just that. Check out here for more information on how to start an adventure of your own.

Malibu Makos offers some of the best Southern California surf lessons around. For several years they have been teaching people of all ages the art of mastering the waves. They do it with hands on education, in a supervised setting. The instructors are top notch, and they want to instill safety, as well as respect for the ocean environment, into each lesson.

For a very reasonable fee, Malibu Makos instructors can work with you on techniques for paddling, getting up on the board, keeping your balance, and where to place your feet. You can choose to work one on one with the teachers, or you can find a small group of friends and family to join in the fun. Each instructor can take up to four students at a time. This small number ensures your safety, as well as a more individualized instruction.

Have children in your group that also want to seek out the thrill of surfing? They also provide Southern California surf lessons for children ages five to seventeen. Lessons are given in small groups, with a huge emphasis on safety. You won’t have to worry about little ones. In fact, they will come away from their lessons with a greater understanding of just how powerful the ocean can be. Day and summer camps are available. Check out their website for all the details. If they complete the whole series of camps as they get older, they will be able to travel the world, ready to take on the waves.

Want to make your Santa Monica surf school experience even more fun? Malibu Makos can give lessons in a party setting. They will do anything from birthday parties to corporate events. Party packages come in a variety of prices, and they can include equipment, lessons, tables, chair, tents, food, and even limo service. What better way is there to learn how to surf?

This is a guest post from Thuy Vy.


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A Place to Get You Wired!

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Ever had the experience of trying to find the perfect skateboard but you simply ended up being disappointed? At I guarantee that you will not be disappointed they have everything that anyone could imagine! The amount of selection that is available to everyone is just insane! It is especially a great website as well if you are a beginner trying to get into the sports that are featured on the website such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding etc. The greatest thing about everything though is that the price is absolutely right for anybody looking for some excellent gear that is hard to find, Wired Sport makes it easy. Find there selections here.

One of the greatest things about this store is how it truly is a great place for novices in the featured sports on the website. I say this because packages are offered for anyone that is in need of gear but might be a few dollars short; for example anyone who likes to skateboard, packages are offered starting at 89 dollars which is a great price for any beginner. This is especially true if one is barely trying to get their feet wet within the sport (or sports) featured on the website. What is so great about these packages is that one can fully customize their package, this can be from board, wheels, and bearings you name it; which can be very advantageous if you’re looking for a great overall deal.

The variety in the store is also something to be commended, it is extremely hard to find such variety especially in conventional stores. As I had mentioned before the packages are fully customizable but if you are only looking for one thing, anything you desire can probably be found on wired. A plethora is offered in there skateboarding sections such as a great variety of boards such as Mike Carrol boards, even apparel is offered if you are into skate style fashion. Apparel such as headphones, bags, shoes are even available for anyone who is interested in such things. Come and visit the store I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! This is whether you are looking for a great price, awesome high quality gear or just wanted to look through an insane variety then come and visit!

This is a guest post from Thuy Vy.

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Keep Your Gear Safe When You’re Not Shredding on the Slope

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It’s one thing to have a cutting edge Arbor snowboard with the latest design features and radical graphics that the entire mountain can see and envy. But if you aren’t keeping that board safe when you step off the course you’re doing a disservice to yourself and the craftsmanship. And when the elements finally take their toll and you have to repair or replace that top-tier snowboard the cost could be astounding. A snowboard bag is a cheap but reliable solution to not only haul and store your board but also get other essential gear up the mountain in one easy trip.

Of course without a snowboard there is no use for a snowboard bag. The snowboard itself is the key element to the sport, the means by which riders glide over the snow, get big air for impressive tricks and carve up the slopes with hairpin turns. Even though they are designed to take punishment on the mountain and ride effortlessly over snow and ice the materials that make up a snowboard are still very vulnerable to the elements and require proper care and storage. A typical board is made of lightweight fiberglass or wood polished and coated in protective shellac on all sides. This not only gives the board its smooth gliding properties but it also protects the bright graphics painted on from chips, cracks and scuffing. However when carrying the board up a mountain or storing it away in a garage or truck there are other things that can damage it and cause the shellac to fail. Anything from rocks to boxes, corners of buildings or the pavement can chip, scratch or otherwise damage the board.

A good snowboard bag is the best solution to avoid this. Snowboard bags are designed to safely and securely hold the board out of the elements until it is needed at the top of a run when you are strapping in. Bags are full-length so the board can fit in easily without having to position it at awkward angles and force it in. Instead the board rests long ways inside against padding on all sides to prevent bumps. The bag zippers closed and can be carried with one hand courtesy of durable straps. But beyond the protection these bags give your prized snowboard they also offer easier transport of other gear up the mountain. Snowboard bags are large enough to fit several safety items including goggles, gloves and bindings. It’s the perfect solution for an easy trip up the mountain. Visit here to see the affordable types and brands of bags on the market today.


FYI: This is a guest post from Submit Digital. Thanks.

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Tennis Pro For Adults and Kids in Iloilo

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One time, after Firstborn’s tennis class three Korean ladies got into the Lapaz tennis court. They were looking for a tennis pro for the son of one of the Korean ajummas who, they said, is on an advanced level already in Korea. Knowing how meticulous Koreans are, I was not surprised when they requested to watch the next day’s training so they can check the intensity of how the coach trains his students.

As it turned out, the schedule set for the next day was between the tennis pro and his son who is a Palaro National Champion :-) .

So, for those who are looking for a tennis pro here in Iloilo, I highly recommend Mr. Joni Crisosto. He can always be seen at the Lapaz tennis court where he headed the just recently finished tennis free clinic. Or he can be reached at 09059630936. You can also get in touch with his wife, herself a tennis player and coach to their kids, Ms. Joy Crisosto at 09499597307.

At one point during a drill with his son, Joy kept on telling him how to go about the drill. He simply declared, “I should listen to my wife. She was the one who made my son a champion”.

Coach Joni had been a tennis pro in Amanpulo and had done tennis drills with international celebrities. He is still contemplating whether he is going back to Amanpulo or accept a post in the Carribbean. While he is here, tennis enthusiasts and tennis hopefuls can get in touch with him at the numbers above.


Hats Off to Pacquiao!


This is a very delayed post but I can’t stop myself from raving about our very own Manny Pacquiao.

It was not just his fighting skills, it was not just his now legendary fists and it was not just about his famous speed on the boxing ring. More than anything else, after his 8th world title – which safely secure his name in boxing history – it was his integrity and humility that make us all proud of having a Manny Pacquiao in our midst. He declared that “Boxing is not about killing” that’s why if he had his way he wanted the fight stopped at the 11th round.

We were just so proud of him.

Thanks to my brother-in-law who arranged it, it was also the first time for our family to watch his game live in a sports bar – Hooters Bar. It was an exciting morning:


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