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They Will Not Always Be Small

For Moms who struggle through every waking hour… every tantrum… every childish demand… Let’s struggle not to complain too much… or teach independence when its still too soon… We might end up missing every cuddle… and appreciate our kids’ childhood too late…

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Love Yourself

Precious short conversation with my 5-year old Firstborn: Firsborn: Mommy, who do you love? Me:  I love you and baby and your Daddy love. Firstborn: What about yourself Mommy? Me: Hmmm… of course, I love myself. Firstborn: Don’t forget to love yourself, Mommy, ok?   So young… and so perceptive.  

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Status Quo

Wow! It had been a week of no blogging. I haven’t tinkered with my blog nor browsed through other blogs that I always visit. Guess, it had been a busy week for me. Writing assignments overload! It’s a daily deadline of writing tasks that I had to sleep when others are just stirring from their… Read More Status Quo