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October and Me

The cold Autumn breeze started in the middle of October here in Seoul. And so, from that day onwards I would daily wait on this spot for my son’s school bus to arrive:     These October afternoons were cold… not nasty cold. In fact, oftentimes they were soothingly cold. Just right for cool sweaters… Read More October and Me


“Work” Blooper

Even I, who looks at motherhood as MY vocation made a common blooper just this afternoon. We were in the clubhouse. My sons and I. My friend and her daughter. As soon as the kids were done with their study time with me, they ran to the playroom. As soon as her daughter was done… Read More “Work” Blooper

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They Will Not Always Be Small

For Moms who struggle through every waking hour… every tantrum… every childish demand… Let’s struggle not to complain too much… or teach independence when its still too soon… We might end up missing every cuddle… and appreciate our kids’ childhood too late…