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Children of Nature

Since our family moved here in Sangam-dong, kids had been more active outside with friends. Most of their classmates are our neighbors, too. That’s what you get for living walking-distance to school. Needless to say, we love the new environment. Aside from the wonders of the hill behind our apartment, the ponds at the bottom… Read More Children of Nature


Random Pick

This was just a random book I got from the bookshelf while I was looking for poetry I could introduce to my son. And I was the one taken by surprise! Inserted in the pages are pressed flowers (rose petals) from a long time ago.   I think I got the flowers way back from… Read More Random Pick


Queenie the Birdie

Meet Queenie! She is my Firstborn’s pet bird. A pet was all he wanted for Children’s Day.   This morning, I found my second son, I-pad in his hand, sitting near the washing machine. Me: Why are you there? Him: I’m listening to the music and Queenie is so noisy. Twit twit. Twit twit. Me:… Read More Queenie the Birdie