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Can’t Blog

I have been wanting to blog. But I always want my blog posts to have pictures. And I can no longer upload photos on my posts. Because my webhost said that I have exceeded my disk quota limit. It’s a long story of dissatisfaction over my webhost’s customer service handling. Now, I am left alone to… Read More Can’t Blog

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An Exciting Giveaway from Moody Mary

My Rocking Cradle is back with an exciting give-away! This time I am doing this with Singapore-based Jil of  Moody Mary. Moody Mary is a fashionable store for unique accessories. Jil makes sure that her clients can confidently strut their necklaces and charm bracelets by creating limited pieces. In fact, most of her handmade accessories are available in ONE piece per… Read More An Exciting Giveaway from Moody Mary

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Blog Awards

I thought I’m done with blog awards because it had been years since I last received one… lol. But it was a surprise to have gotten not one, but two last week. This Kreative Blogger Award came from Spanish Pinay. Thanks, oh thanks!   A few days after, another blog award came from Michi Photostory. Don’t you… Read More Blog Awards

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Winner of Hubby’s Birthday Giveaway

I promised that Hubby will pick up the winner for this giveaway… but I can’t wait anymore so I just have to do another electronic raffle. I think the winner has waited long enough:-). Here’s the winner: RINA of Mango Mania!… Thanks Rina for always visiting and joining! Till the next giveaway!