Our 5-week vacation here in Iloilo was marked with 4 deaths and 2 funerals (we can’t attend the other 2 since we are scheduled to leave tomorrow night for Manila and on the 8th for Seoul). Funeral photos never saw the light of my facebook screen (I don’t have other SNS). Not for anything else… Read More

Typical of a Philippine town setting in the old days is a plaza surrounded by a big church, big houses and mansions. It is the glorious old days dominated by the mestizas and mestizos who were highly-regarded for their colonial looks and moneyed charm. Go around the Philippines and you will be entertained by these bits… Read More

Whenever I go back home to Iloilo, I always touch base with my Catholic faith. There’s no way out of it especially when my aunt is also at home for vacation. She secretly dislikes my going to a Christian church in Seoul but there’s no way she can do anything about it either:-). I learned… Read More

I have always been intrigued by the “Balay na Bato” in Arevalo. It is called the Camiña Balay na Bato and is now one of Iloilo’s best preserved houses. It was built in 1865 (took five years from 1860) and thanks to the family’s fourth generation residents and the Iloilo Cultural Heritage Conservation Council, it… Read More

I lived in Jaro, Iloilo most of my life. Until I graduated and worked in Manila and got married and followed my husband here in Seoul. I was baptized and grew up as a Catholic. My elementary and high school days had nuns all around us at school. I had fond memories of them but… Read More

Feeling nostalgic about Iloilo. Especially those times when kids got a taste of one-year Montessori education at the Iloilo Montessori School. I also got to get to know other Montessori Moms and we called ourselves the Wednesday Coffee Group. Aside from our Wednesday coffee, we went to this beach resort in Oton, the Anhawan Beach Resort. What… Read More

The typhoon that bagged the headlines of major international newspapers and news programs November of last year brought the Philippines to its knees. It was a major devastation, the effect of which was unthinkable! Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) destroyed cities, flattened out villages, separated families, orphaned children. For almost everyone in the affected areas, their lives… Read More

Original post was published at ABS-CBN GLobal-Filipino on January 13, 2014 titled How Pinays in Seoul Helped Fishermen In Iloilo Island. I am reposting with additional pictures: When our Seoul-based all-women group, The 601 Habit, decided to help the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, we had no concrete project in mind. It could probably just have… Read More

I was born in Iloilo, grew up and studied there until I opted to try Manila after college. And so, from time to time I would love to post something about Iloilo and its people, the Ilonggos. Let me start with Wawa, a heritage restaurant located at Jaro, Iloilo. I was intrigued with the place the… Read More

Hear ye! Hear ye! The lady from Iloilo, Miss Sawsan Muhammad:     As the judges said, she’s a complete package. And she chose Lea Salonga as her mentor… She’s so passionate! I mean, Lea. I’m following her! I mean, Sawsan. Yeah!  … Read More