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Does your baby/toddler have recurring fever?

If there’s one thing I have learned from the health forums I visited recently, it is this: balance your trust on your doctor with your mother’s instinct. A baby or a toddler who has recurring fever may be diagnosed with pharyngitis or throat infection. Doctors always say not to worry as pharyngitis is common to babies… Read More Does your baby/toddler have recurring fever?

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Money Talk in Marriage

Do you feel comfortable talking about finances and financial management with your spouse? My husband is a certified public accountant but he hasn’t been a practicing one. Since he got his CPA license, he opted to go the way of consulting reasoning out that auditing is not the only field for CPAs. The auditing and consulting… Read More Money Talk in Marriage

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Dancing with Grace

How I wish I could dance! But I do love to watch people gracefully dancing. It is even more delightful to watch graceful and well-dressed dancers. There are many dancing and dance styles but ballet is perhaps the most classic you could ever watch. However, I am more enthralled with Spanish and Latin dances. They have… Read More Dancing with Grace

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Submit Your Kid’s Photo

I am one proud mommy. I’m sure all mommies are.  There’s an interesting photo contest for the 2009 cutest kid of the year. If you are interested, submit your kid’s photo to TheCuteKid. It’s easy. Just upload your kid’s cutest photo to the site above and every month, the judges select 5 finalists and 1 Cute Kid winner. The 2009… Read More Submit Your Kid’s Photo

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Truck Accessories

As my father is in the construction business, there was a time when he owned a number of trucks. These trucks were parked behind our house and they would pass by my bedroom window and emit foul-smelling engine smells. I didn’t need an alarm clock to wake up early for school. Aside from the engine smells,… Read More Truck Accessories