The Philippine Embassy-Seoul hosted a by-invitation event last Thursday, the 9th of June, featuring a performance by Ballet Philippines entitled “Masterpieces: Celebrating the Tapestry of Filipino Culture and Friendship”. The event was held at the HOAM Hall of Performing Arts. The Ambassador, HE Raul Hernandez, and his wife, Madame Anna Hernandez, together with other Embassy… Read More

The national costume of the Philippines are the barong tagalog for men and baro’t saya for women. I’ve always wanted to wear our Philippine dress the way Koreans proudly wear their Hanbok during every occasion they could possibly find a reason to wear it. I’m more inclined to get the more wearable and casual kimona… Read More

My Wednesday was a time well-spent with my ever-smiling and non-stop chatter friend, Ingrid. As we are both stay-at-home moms whose free time is dependent on our husbands’ and sons’ schedule, our perfect area to explore is the Digital Media Center (DMC). After-all, we are DMC neighbors! It was a freezing day last Wednesday so… Read More

It’s time to receive company gifts again! It’s during this time when companies send gift boxes to their employees for the Chuseok Holiday, the Korean Thanksgiving. Just like the years before, a box was delivered to us a week before the holidays. Of course, these are company products from where my husband works:-).    … Read More

Who misses eating this?   Tatak Pinoy! This is only in the Philippines!  … Read More

I received a letter through Expat Blog for an event “Bravo! ASEAN in Korea 2012”. It is an open invitation for ASEAN residents in Korea who have the talent to showcase their country’s culture through dance and music. I’m contacting you on behalf of the ASEAN-Korea Centre; we wanted to invite you to an exciting… Read More

Indonesia is home to The Prambanan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Yogyakarta. It was just apt that hubby chose this “Prambanan” souvenir in lieu of the souvenir plates (he didn’t see any souvenir plates in Indonesia) that he usually takes home from his travels. He brought this “Prambanan” souvenir years ago. Several trips… Read More

Do you tune in to the Arirang TV channel? Jaz Lee, through her Facebook page, is soliciting opinions about Arirang TV’s effectiveness in promoting Korea worldwide. Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is on top of this move. It is sponsoring an upcoming forum dedicated to gathering feedback about Arirang TV. It would help… Read More

“Viva Sr. Sto. Nino!” That is what Ilonggos are shouting today on the streets of Iloilo. Today is the highlight of the annual Dinagyang Festival. The Dinagyang Festival draws thousands of tourists, local and foreign, every year since I can remember. Google helps a lot in facts we mostly take for granted. I just learned… Read More

Today is the international founding date of Alpha Phi Omega, one of the prominent UP fraternities. What makes the fraternity exciting? The annual Oblation Run, what else! The Oblation Run is an annually anticipated event of the fraternity where members run naked around the campus. It’s original intention was to express protest about a current political or economic situation.… Read More