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Book for HR Practitioners

My law school classmates have gone a long way already. Most of them have graduated and are preparing for the bar. Others have already passed and are practicing. The best news I got during our get-together last week was three of them have books to their names. Atty. Sheila Emata recently co-authored Human Resource Forms,… Read More Book for HR Practitioners

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The Tiger Mom

It is easy to dislike the tiger mom – both the book and the author. Immediately after I watched Amy Chua’s interview in CNN for her book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, I raised the extreme parenting method which she seemed to have confidently used in raising her daughters to my husband. Days after,… Read More The Tiger Mom


When Fiction Haunts

I read “The Prince of Tides” a long, long time ago. I read “The God of Small Things” a long time ago. I read “The Kite Runner” not so long ago. And now my thoughts are again haunting me. Nothing significant to attach the novels in my personal life… but for some reason, I am deeply… Read More When Fiction Haunts


Inexpensive Pop-Up Books

I discovered theses pop-up books here in the Philippines last year:    I bought several series (each series consists of 4 stories) last year and we brought them back to Seoul. The books served as his nap time and night time readings during his vacation. This year, I only brought 3 small books to entertain… Read More Inexpensive Pop-Up Books