Inspired by Benjamin

Those who know about Geronimo Stilton or those whose kids read Geronimo Stilton, they know who Benjamin is. He is that mouse who is always jotting down notes. And he is the character who struck a chord in my Firstborn’s reading adventure. All along, I thought my Firstborn was just going through the routine of… Read More Inspired by Benjamin

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Reading to a New level

He is 5 going on 6… He is still into Berenstian Bears, Curious George and Dr. Seuss… even Mother Goose rhymes:-)… but yesterday, he started reading his very first novel, the first book of the Geronimo Stilton series…   Way to go, Firstborn!  


On Children’s Stories

plucked this one from a Facebook post: How do you expect kids to listen to their parents when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives at 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty is lazy, and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We… Read More On Children’s Stories