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Hats Off to the Philippine Women’s Club

I personally value the Recognition of the Seoul Metropolitan City Government awarded to me as the President of The 601 Habit, but I know it’s time to move forward and further elevate our group to become… the Philippine Women’s Club (PWC).

What is Philippine Women’s CLub (PWC)?

The Philippine Women’s Club is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan and non-sectarian social group of Filipino women based in South Korea.

PWC promotes cultural pride and dignity through its activities and fosters amiable relationships among local and foreign communities based on mutual respect by actively performing volunteer work and organizing or participating in social and cultural affairs.

We envision dignified Filipino women standing tall and proud with and among the local and foreign residents here in Korea.

We aim to:

* create activities that will promote Philippine cultural awareness and pride.

* establish goodwill projects that will benefit chosen communities.

* help Filipino women adapt better to their environment in South Korea.

Today, July 1, 2017, we rolled out our new PWC logo:

What’s in a logo?

PWC stands for Philippine Women’s Club. The lady in Philippine flag colors represents the Filipino woman. The heart shape letter “O” in ‘women’ with yin and yang shades symbolizes our host country, Korea. The Filipino women living (permanent or temporary) here in Korea have their hearts filled with love for Korea while retaining their Filipino identity.

PWC is currently headed by its Executive Board composed of the following:

President:                             Miss Wendyflor Palomo

Vice-President:                    Miss Rina Arinas-Imm

Secretary:                              Miss April Estores

Treasurer:                              Miss Razel Mondinido-Kim

Public Relations Officer:     Miss Mary Ann Campos

We cheered with anticipation for the things that will unfold for we are filled with energy and vigor. And we started just right as we stuffed ourselves with great news about everyone’s well-being and a big push and loud cheers for individual achievements (stay tuned!). With beautiful, big hats holed up in one dainty pink room, here’s to a positive paradox of continuity and new beginnings:


Please check our Facebook page and “Like” for updates: PWC FACEBOOK.

Hats off to PWC!

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3 thoughts on “Hats Off to the Philippine Women’s Club

  1. What an amazing group to be part of! Living in Korea can get lonely and it’s great to have your own community to help ease into life here. I think it’s really important to educate Koreans and oother foreigners about your culture, too. Congratulations!

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