Posh Dinner at the SkyFarm

My stint as Secretary of Dwight’s Parents’ Association ended yesterday with an appreciation dinner hosted by the school’s Head of School at the SkyFarm, the posh restaurant at the 50th Floor of the FKI Tower at Yoido. The SkyFarm gives an amazing view of the Han River, the streets of Yoido and the full view of the Yoido Park.

As summer here in Seoul gives us a longer daylight, we were still able to see and appreciate the view from our private dining area opposite the Instagram photo above. Actually, that’s the only photo I took during the night. I chose to enjoy the view and the company hands-free (read: phone inside my bag). This is the private dining area, photo courtesy of Dwight:

private dining area at the SKYFARM

Aside from the view and the company, we enjoyed a 5-course meal all through-out the night.

5-course dinner at the SKYFARM


Dwight SCG and PA Executive Board

But our private dinner isn’t for blogging. What makes this interesting is the little trivia I learned courtesy of my co-parent. This is also the venue of the Korean showbiz power couple’s, K-pop singer Rain and Korean celebrity¬†Kim Taehee, post wedding party. The celebrity couple has also recently announced that they are pregnant with their first child. The SkyFarm speaks of elegance and exclusivity and complements their small and intimate wedding venue, the Gahoe-dong Catholic Church.

This Yonhap news photo clearly shows the church which made it easy for my friend to immediately remember it.

the church as published in the news

Back to the posh resto, I was very sure that a place as opulent as this must be featured in one of these Korean dramas. We all know that Korean dramas are the best marketing tools of Korea’s tourism industry. True enough, when I searched the net today I found out that this was the location of the restaurant scene in the episode 4 of 2016’s K-drama¬†W Two Worlds.¬†Here are those scenes:

scenes from the K-drama W Two Worlds

Oh well, that’s all the interesting ones about these K dramas.

But the best trivia about this place is, the restaurant is actually in the same building where my hubby works:-). Dinner venue was supposed to be very convenient for him… if he was around. He was off on a business trip, as usual.

The SkyFarm has earned its place in the exclusive The MICHELIN Guide so it’s worth checking out on one of your fancy dates.

Address: 28-1 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 02-2055-4445.

(Photos, aside from my Instagram and screenshots from K-drama, are from Dwight)

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3 thoughts on “Posh Dinner at the SkyFarm

  1. You’re the 2nd person to write about this grandiouse place (with Emre Kanik being the first haha with lots of great indoor pictures). Your post is also informative for the Kpop fans and foodies in and around Seoul. If I had a fancy post wedding party, I’d definitely book this place too!

    1. You made me visit Emre’s blog. Great pictures, indeed! I was there for an appreciation dinner so it would have been awkward if I took photos, hahaha!

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