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Factory and Warehouse turned Trendy Cafe

Factory and Warehouse turned Trendy Cafe.

This is CO:LUMN, a cool cafe at Seongsu-dong with a huge space filled with art works and industrial-looking exhibits.

Daelim Changgo Gallery

I wasn’t really familiar with Seongsu until last weekend when we were looking for a place with good food and and an even greater ambiance for our family get-together with the Yohannans. Friend Gail suggested this artsy place.

CO:LUMN, once a factory and warehouse now turned to a cool cafe

It’s very easy to go there but our family is eternally poor with directions so we got lost a little bit, to the consternation of our 2 boys. CO:LUMN is located in the cafe street of Seongsu. Easiest way to go there is to get off Seongsu Station and take the Exit 3. The street is lined up with fashion cafes and shoe outlet stores. Walking through the street, I made a mental note to go back there and explore it more with lady friends.

These are just some of the exhibits around the cafe:


Most items are working around the head/face theme but a number of hanging exhibits are more industrial. Very interesting. I would have wanted the boys to look more closely especially with the moving exhibits but they are more engrossed talking with their bigger friend Jadon. It had been more than a year since they last saw him. And what a year has done with their growing up.

Food was a more sensitive consideration. The Yohannans are big with good food (they are a family of restaurateurs!) so I was relieved that the cafe was Gail’s choice, hahaha. Gladly, the food didn’t disappoint.

food at CO:LUMN

On weekends, the cafe charges 10,000KRW per person for entrance but it is good for 1 drink. Drinks are quite pricey. We got bottles of Kona and Blue Moon for our 7 entrance fees (70,000KRW for 7 pax). Price for food? I don’t know. I don’t look at food prices when I am with hubbydoo. I did hear the men say that the beers cost 11,000KRW per bottle. Based on drink prices, the food’s most likely on the pricey side, too.

On weekdays, there is no entrance fee to the cafe so it might be better if you want to go there and check it out of curiosity.

Since this used to be a factory-turned-warehouse-turned cafe, it is one huge place that can accommodate its artwork displays and still has ample room for its diners. For space and ambiance, I highly recommend a visit here as well as its neighboring cafes and stores.

Before we left, I can’t allow to miss this chance. With my always reluctant husband, I got him to take my blurred photo blowing kisses to this huge head:

blowing kisses at CO:LUMN

It was a relaxing night of friendship and great conversation. So, this post ends with a popular quote that says how I feel:

“If you have a family that loves you,

a few good friends,

food on the table,

and a roof over your head,

you are richer than you think.”


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    1. there are lots of people in there when we went. and only for weekends. i do think they should do away with it but if you consume it with your drinks, it’s almost the same. weekdays have no entrance fees.

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