End of School Year 2017

It had been a great school year for my boys at Dwight School Seoul. One, this is the year when they are both in primary school and shared a lot of school activities. The younger one only used to endlessly inquire about his brother’s day but now, he readily offers his own happenings and they both can easily relate to what each other is talking about.

And it had been an even greater end-of school year for the both of them.

While my husband and I grew up in schools where we have end-of-school recognition days which take into account our academic performance and ranking, my children are getting the kind of education that I wish for them, an inquiry-based education where children get to enjoy learning without pressure for academic ranking. As I had been posting in the past, Dwight School Seoul offers the International Baccalaureate Program and the kids at primary school are enjoying the Primary Years Programme under the IB curriculum.

Every year-end, kids are “awarded” with the IB Learning Profile they embody the most.

My 7 year old got into Dwight full of enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. He seem to have an indefatigable energy to absorb as much as he can. I take it as he is modelling after his big brother so he does what the older one does and he strives to be better. He was given the “Knowledgeable Learner” for “he is confident and comfortable in sharing his knowledge”.

My 4th grader is very consistent. Early on, he has shown his strengths in leadership, social relationships, sports and academics. All his homeroom teachers from 1st grade had been consistent in their observation. He is a “Balanced Learner” who “manages to keep everything together all the time”. I am very proud of this boy till the very end of the school year. On the last day of school, he co-hosted the last General Assembly.

As my husband and I always say, we appreciate their academic performance but we are more confident when we see them growing in their leadership and social skills.

End of school party for my 1st and 4th graders!

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Cheers to 2016-2017!

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4 thoughts on “End of School Year 2017

  1. Mini graduation! Milestones are always fun especially when they are enjoyed together with family and friends. It’s a wonder how fast kids grow up and soon enough they’ll be off to college. Treasure the moments!

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