Your Role As A Parent Never Ends

What role will you play in the future of your children’s lives? Some parents consider their job to be over once their children reach a certain age. We’ve taught them everything we can and now it’s their turn to sink or swim, right? Wrong, there will always be a role in your children’s lives that you need to fill.

This might be to provide financial support, emotional support or wisdom from the extra years you have spent on this earth.

Emotional Support

No matter how old they are, your children will always need you to be there for emotional support. Breakups, makeups, career related stress will all come into play here. Don’t be surprised to find that when things go wrong or even right, you get a call from your child, no matter how far away they might be.

Wisdom Of The Years

You’ll probably have at least eighteen years on your first child which is more than enough time to have gathered extra knowledge about the world. As such, you should provide your children with this knowledge and keeping doing it, even when you don’t think they’re listening. You never know when the advice you have passed on could help.

Financial Support

Last but not least, there are always times when kids need financial support. In the beginning they will be completely financially dependent on you. But that will slowly change as they gain further independence. Eventually, of course, they’ll be able to stand on their own two feet. You can look at your role providing financial support to your kids in the infographic below.

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