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Top Tips For Decorating A Kid’s Bedroom

If you’re planning a big home décor project in the near future, then your children’s bedrooms should make it into the plans on top of everything else. Just like us grown-ups, kids will want a comfortable and functional bedroom they can relax in after a long day at school. While a lot of home décor techniques are universal, there are a few that are more useful for kid’s rooms…

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Start with a Theme

There’s a fair chance that you’ve already had this advice straight from your kid’s mouth. All children have their little obsessions, ranging from dinosaurs to fairies to space travel. While you don’t want to make the whole room a novelty, starting off with a theme and using this to choose some of the little frills and decorations can be a great way to start decorating your kids’ rooms. If they love the sea, then check out some nautical decor. If they’re more into wildlife, then plan to pick up some animal statues for a mantle or bookshelf. Aside from tying the room together, giving your child some input will also help them adjust to the change.

Give Them a Homework Area

If your child is at school, or they’re getting close to school age, they’re going to need an area of the room dedicated to homework and study. Simply making this area distinct from all the relaxing and daydreaming that goes on elsewhere can do a lot to help them knuckle down, and get into good habits that will help them in later life. You don’t need anything crazily elaborate. Usually a minimal desk and an adjustable chair will be all that’s necessary for homework time.

Get Some Open Shelves

As you’ve probably discovered, young children can be extremely messy, especially when it comes to their own space. However, you can make their room much easier to organize by providing several open shelves with little baskets and bins to keep toys in. Aside from making it easy to find Mr Bunny when you’re rushing to catch a plane, it will also make it easy for your kid to see where each toy and game goes when playtime’s over, and encourage them to keep their room tidy from an early age. Believe us, you want to get this out of the way long before they’re a teenager!

Maximize Space

Like with most households, your kids probably have the smaller bedrooms. Due to this, you should be doing everything you can to maximize the available space. Try pushing the bed against the wall, with the headboard in the corner, and getting some under-bed storage drawers to make storing their toys, clothes and so on easier. Aside from opening up the floor for less restricted playtime, using this kind of storage will make it much easier to convince your child there aren’t any monsters lurking under their bed!

When you come to decorate your kids’ rooms, keep these principles in mind, and you’re sure to get a beautiful and practical end result.

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