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My DeFourth’s Bukhansan Hike on Mother Earth Day

April 21 was Mother Earth Day. Dwight School Seoul celebrated the day with Lower School students (Grades 1-5) with outdoor activities. The students were made to choose the activity they wanted to participate in: 1) Bukhansan Hike; 2) Art in the Park; and 3) Park clean-up.

As I expected, my 4th and 1st graders chose the Bukhansan hike. They were separated, though. Grades 1 and 2 students took the easier route as compared with students from Grades 3-5. My 1st grader asked me to be with him. My 4th grader graciously allowed priority for his little brother. So, there I was with the other Grades 1 and 2 moms getting ready and perked up for the climb and the bonding time with our babies.

We went around the base of the Bukhansan Mountain, just enough physical demands for our 1st and 2nd graders. Korea treats its mountains well and makes sure that it’s well-maintained and safe to hike in… even by school-age children.

The easy trail of Bukhansan #BukhansanNationalPark

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It’s nice to feel that we can freely let go of our children to field trips like this knowing that they are in good hands… with that I mean, competent teachers and staff and a safe environment.

Bukhansan Hike of the 1st Graders

I loved it that I was able to spend a good time out with my DeFourth. I have always been there for LeRuof and each time DeFourth gets the chance, he would join in his Kuya’s school activities. This time, he has his own set of activities that I am attending in the same school as his Kuya. He is so full of enthusiasm and always look forward with so much anticipation. He once said, “Mommy, it is worth the wait” referring to his entry to Dwight. I can’t forget his smiling face and the happiness that showed in there.

The Bukhansan Hike is one school event that my son will not forget. It wasn’t just one of those outdoor activities that they frequently have. It was a special time because Mommy got to be with him. And me? I love every minute of it!

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