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Make Your Home Inviting With These 5 Simple Tips

Most of our home decor involves making our house as comfortable or modern as possible. We might install new smart appliances such as alarms and lights, or we might upgrade our living room with a chaise lounge for the ultimate comfort. But as common as these improvements are, do they make our home any more inviting?

If you ever invite guests over such as friends and family, then you’ve probably tried to make your home a little more inviting so that they’re more likely to visit you and feel welcome in your home. If you plan to have guests over at some point in the future, then here are five simple tips that will help you make your home a little more pleasing to the eye.

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Set the tone with your front entrance

The first thing your guests are going to see is the front entrance to your home. The main door, the plants that surround it, the entrance alcove, and so on. It’s important that you install the best doors you can, something that fits the rest of your home and isn’t too loud or boring in colour. Your front entrance needs to set the tone for the rest of your home, so if you have muted colours inside your house, paint your front door a similar colour. If you have a lot of plants in the house, then place some outside at your front entrance too.

Introduce welcoming fragrances

You don’t have to smother your home in perfume to get it to smell nice. The best fragrances are subtle enough to notice, but not enough to drag your attention away completely. If you don’t want to go overboard, then use some fresh and fragrant plants such as lavender or honeysuckle and keep them in small pots around the house. You could go a step further and add seasonal plants to prepare your home for summer.

Arrange your furniture so it’s welcoming

You don’t want your guests to walk around tables, chairs and sofas just to take a seat. The more open your living room arrangement, the easier it will be for your guests to sit down and relax. This is usually done by decluttering the house to make moving through your home easy and without any interruption. In short, remove obstacles in your home so that access to chairs, sofas and other comfortable spaces is unobstructed.

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Easy access to electrical outlets

Everyone uses smartphones and tablets these days, so it’s important to have chargers ready. The most common chargers are micro USB, but USB Type C is also quite common in newer phones. Store some extra charging cables in a coffee table drawer, let your guests know where the electrical outlets are and tell them they’re welcome to recharge their devices. Inform them about your WiFi password too so they can access the internet.

Personalised decor

Let people know that you’re proud of your past by introducing some personalised items on your shelves, walls and so on. However, don’t put your ego on display. Do add things such as charms or souvenirs you’ve picked up on your travels and holidays, but don’t display things such as certificates and qualifications.

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  1. […] The decor of your home should reflect the boundless possibilities of your imagination. For guests who are welcomed into your home, your flair and personality should jump out at them. The color scheme, lighting, wallpaper, room themes and so much more, are all artistic choices that you as the homemaker are responsible for. But, there are so many homes and so many styles, creating a home which is memorable for its style is truly a connoisseur’s blessing. When people leave your home, a piece of it in their minds should leave with them. A way to propagate this intention is to assemble pinpoint chic niche elements of fragrant style around your house to make it more inviting. […]

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