Happiness Overload at Mila’s Hills

One of the best days my sons had in Iloilo was at Mila’s Hills. It isn’t hard to see why.

Mila’s Hills

They swam. They rode horses. They played in the playground. They got dirty with sand. They got excited with the animals. They touched and pet turtles and marvelled at the beauty of the outstretched wings of the peacock. It was a day with the family and it was a day of fun.

Aside from the swimming and playing for kids, the adults in our group went up the spiral staircase to have a good view of the whole of Mila’s Hills.

Mila’s Hills from the spiral staircase

Photo above doesn’t show the full beauty of the place but when you go up another level, nature will always leave you in awe. From up there, you can take the zipline and fly your way to the whole expanse of the place. I didn’t take it, though. I wasn’t my adventurous self but next time I get the chance, I wouldn’t let it pass anymore. I just went up there to enjoy the view. A compact spiral staircase is always a good idea to have in a structure like this since it serves as a tower overlooking the whole place. Its blue in a field of greens looked good from afar and inviting.

Mila’s Hills isn’t a huge resort. The size is just right to have good, family fun. The horseback riding that the boys took didn’t even last 10 minutes but kids are easy to please! And with the playground and the pool and the mini-zoo inside the inland resort, they didn’t even have time to rest. But hey, we all know “resting” is far from every kids’ vocabulary:-). There’s accommodation inside the resort for those who want to stay overnight or more. My family only took a day trip and we already have good memories to share.

My sons enjoyed the physical activities and went home tired but happy. I enjoyed the view, the scent of nature and the company. That’s what difference in age does, eh?

One thing visually stayed on my mind that day and I couldn’t shake it off. The blue staircase. Though blue isn’t my favorite color and some parts need a fresh coating of paint, it just blended well with the scenery. If I get to have my own place someday I would want to choose my own design and color. A little advance research could help me get a little nearer to my vision and maybe it is possible to buy staircases online while having it customized for convenience.

Without meaning to take away the fun, I love observing structures and details in every place we go to. My sons, while enjoying their childhood, are oblivious of my interests but I think this is a pretty good deal. We can all enjoy what we like while doing things together as a family. So, here’s a “Cheers!” to more family time together!

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Overload at Mila’s Hills

  1. Story well told!

    Common! It feels as though I was there with you guys. 🙂

    You know I love days when my family decide to have some sort of reunion, it always send chills down my spine, because I get the amazing opportunity to meet with cousins I haven’t seen since long time ago and we really get to talk and make out with each other.

    Think Mira’s Hills is definitely a good spot for having family get-together. I am in Nigeria though and there are some really good spots around here too. 🙂

    Nice reading your experiences and those of your kids. Keep sharing!


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