Dusting Away The Allergies In Our Children

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As a parent, it can be an overload of information sometimes on what is best for our kids. Every day there is something that is potentially dangerous for our children or hazardous to their health, but it was something that we did all the time. The one thing that hasn’t seemed to have changed, or in fact, it seems to get worse as the years go by, is an increase in allergies. There seems to be a lot more allergic reactions to common foods and general household items. While it might not affect the older generations as much, we need to do something about it to help our children enjoy their childhood more, rather than them just sneezing on a semi-regular basis, and it all begins at home…

It is important to define what an allergy is first. It is our immune system’s response to something that it has become sensitive to. So, by this logic, we can help to repair our immune system or help it tolerate certain substances. Our immune systems respond badly to a bad environment, so if you find your children are sneezing a lot at home, there can be various reasons. For example, not vacuuming enough could leave dust mites in the air, and this is how asthma can develop. If your air conditioning system needs repairing or replacing, you might notice a big change in your children, especially if they complain of a bad chest. There are firms like that can help with this. If there are any old appliances in the house, they could easily be another cause, and so this is an avenue worth exploring, especially if these appliances have been installed as long as you’ve lived at the property.

The other aspect of preventing allergies is to look at your child’s diet. Nut allergies are increasingly common in children now, and if you have young babies, it is important to expose them to nuts by feeding them peanut or almond butter. Dietary intolerances to foods like gluten and dairy are a big reason for allergies in the western world now, and we can help to minimize this by avoiding gluten or dairy-containing products. Another way to combat this is by increasing our healthy bacteria. As there has been more information linking weaknesses in our immune system to a lack of healthy gut bacteria, we can increase these bacteria by taking a probiotic supplement. Another way to do this is to make foods that are high in these bacteria, like sauerkraut, or you can make drinks like kefir or kombucha.

There are some traditionally popular remedies that seem to work too. Honey from your local area is a good one because consuming this honey helps your body adapt to the allergens in your local environment. Apple cider vinegar has helped with allergies because it can reduce mucus production as well as clear out the lymphatic system. Nettle leaf has helped too because it blocks the body’s ability to create histamine, which is the same as an antihistamine, but if you’d rather have your children try natural remedies, then it’s worth trying these.

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