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Your Role In Your Children’s Rites Of Passage

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There are certain events or situations which everyone has to go through, and for this reason they are often referred to as rites of passage. The truth is that your own children will be going through these as well, and when they do there might be a number of ways in which they need some help or assistance, or just some understanding from you. Helping with these issues is one of the primary roles of the parent, and yet so many struggle with them, not knowing exactly how to make sense of those rits on behalf of their children. Another common issue is that it is hard to find the balance between explaining things to them and allowing them to discover things on their own. Find it, however, and you will have done a great parenting job.

First Day Of School

Starting from when they are very young, we can see an early rite of passage in the first day of school. This can be extremely frightening for many children, and as a parent your natural urge will be to protect them from that fear and to help them along. This is a particularly interesting one in that it can actually be quite difficult for the parent as well as the child. You might surprise yourself at the level of emotions that arise during this time, and this can make it all the more difficult to deal with the situation favourably. However, it is important for your child that you do, and if you just take your time you will find that you know exactly what you need to say and what you need to do to make them feel better.

Learning To Drive

Fast forward a few years and we come to something that often marks the beginning of a sense of freedom for your child. Learning to drive is often an exciting time, but there is a natural tendency for the parent to be fearful of the thought of their child out on the roads. If you have this problem, just do everything you can to keep calm and remember that everyone has to go through it. If you really want to feel that your child is as safe as possible, consider a defensive driving traffic school online for your child. The more learning they have, the safer they will feel on the road, and the calmer you will feel too.

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Leaving Home

This has to be one of the very saddest moments in both your lives, but it is a vital one which you can’t ignore. When this happens, it is important to try and not be too upset, although of course it is perfectly natural to be. But the last thing you want to do is to make your child feel as though their leaving home is a personal slight against you! What you should try your best to do is to support their decision, to give them any advice you can on the nature of adult life and leaving home, and maybe even offer any financial support that you might be able to assist with.

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