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Easy Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling

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Does it feel like your spring cleaning list gets longer every year? While we can’t deny that it breathes new life into your home after a long winter, it’s still viewed as a mammoth task. Never fear. Once the bulk of the hard work is done, here is a quick cleaning checklist to be completed every few weeks or so. If you do this regularly, maybe spring cleaning won’t be a weekend long activity next year.


Wash your windows on a cloudy day, once a month, so the sun doesn’t dry the cleanser before you can wipe it off, and start on the shady side of the house. A simple way to spot streaks is to wash with horizontal strokes on one side and with vertical strokes on the other, this way you will know which side has the streaks. Wait for a sunny day to dust the windows because the sunlight will reveal where the particles have settled. Make them sparkle with an annual professional clean.


We’d like to forget this room on cleaning day, but as it gets the most traffic, you should aim to do a deep clean at least once a month. In particular, the shower benefits from regular cleaning. Soak the shower head in a vinegar and water solution to get rid of mineral deposits, which will improve the water pressure. Eliminate the bathtub rings with a monthly with bathroom cleaner. Scrub the toilet monthly with a cleaner made for toilets for a long-lasting shine. A stiff brush should remove germs and mineral deposits for good.


Although you’ll be cleaning the kitchen on a regular basis, there are a few extra spots you should clean on a monthly basis to prevent germs spreading. Clear out the refrigerator so you can wipe down the inside, wipe away the grease and dust from your backsplash, and pay attention to the undercabinet areas. As much as you’d rather avoid this, you also need to clear out your oven regularly. Gently chip off any loose pieces of burnt on residue, then get rid of any other burnt on food with ammonia spray. Sprinkle on some homemade oven cleaner, as this will have less toxic ingredients that are safer for your home.


Every time you change your sheets, you should also pay attention to your mattress; it’s home to a lot of dust mites, so by keeping it clean you’ll prolong its life and preserve your health. Using your vacuum’s upholstery and crevice tools, press firmly into the mattress to clean the sides. Spray with mild soap to get rid of stains, leave them to dry, and then sanitise them with a disinfectant spray.

Clean your tools

Regular cleaning won’t amount to much if the tools you are using are not clean. Pull the dust and hair clumps from your broom and dustpan brush, refresh your mop with a new, clean mop head, and tune up your vacuum cleaner by replacing the bag and washing the filters.

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22 thoughts on “Easy Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling

  1. Very useful article, Wendy. One thing that has enhanced my cleaning experience recently is buying a vacuum with some great attachments. The upholstery tool, crevice tool and turbo brush especially have made a real difference in helping my house look sparkling clean. Would recommend such a vacuum for everyone. Cheers!

  2. Great Article!
    If you want to be a healthy person, you must keep your home always neat and clean.
    Your useful tips might be helpful for all household owners.
    Thanks for your very useful tips and I would love to see you again with more informative articles.

  3. Hi
    Thanks for article. I’m local window cleaner. Here are my advice for sparkling window cleaning.
    From my experience the best way for shiny windows is pure water (distilled water).
    The cleaning process leaves no marks or streaks to allow you to enjoy your shiny, bright window glass.

  4. Hello Wendy, this is a beautifully concise and precise article with some wonderful tips! Any recommendations about what kind of products would be best to use? Go all-natural, or use some chemicals as well?

  5. Thank you for the lovely tips, these are definitely enough to keep a house clean all the time. I agree that cleaning the oven is one of the most unpleasant cleaning tasks in the entire kitchen. This is why many professionals recommend giving it a good wipe after every time you use it, not while it’s still hot, but when it’s still warm, so the food spills are still liquid in most part. Otherwise cleaning the oven after using it for a year without wiping it is almost impossible without taking it apart and cleaning each part separately.

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