Red Doors Around Seoul

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Red doors. I have always been fascinated with red doors. Always. When my family go back to the Philippines to settle down, I have already visualized a dominant red door for our house.

In the meantime, while I go around Seoul I make it a point to have a photo with a red door. I started collecting red door photos last year and this is the perfect month to share these photos because:

1) February is predominantly red (hello, Valentines!)

2) doors are mystical – they put boundaries or they connect two different dimensions. This is very personal and timely for me now.

I was going on a Bukhansan Hike with 2 friends and found this red door in one of the houses along an alley in one of the paths going up to Bukhansan.

Red door photo 14212624_10208923180149948_1376748756114000686_n_zpsb8kdzlzf.jpg

a red door in an alley going up to our Bukhansan hike


On a night stroll with my husband and sons, we found this huge red door in Hongdae.

 photo 14206057_10208923180429955_7836230029990704013_o_zpsdtgefmny.jpg

Cafe Ido at Hongdae


I found this red door beside the Sanmotoongi Cafe at Boam-dong. The gate was locked so I contented myself with pointing at the red door.

 photo 14519676_10209082171164624_3650663694603543414_n_zps2gksbop8.jpg

red door at Boam-dong


Still at Boam-dong, I found this red door (more of a gate). This one was nearer the Baeksasil Valley where we had a good Autumn hike.

 photo 14519873_10209083450316602_7246852381947230137_n_zpsllh5oest.jpg

red gate near the foot of the Baeksasil Valley


It took this fiery red door for me to give Holly’s Coffee a serious look. It’s actually everywhere in Seoul. This one’s located near Exit 3 of Gyeongbukgong Station on my way to meet friends to eat at Tongin Market, a must-go-to place when you want to experience Korea’s traditional market and food.

 photo 14690895_10209198482072324_1722895506272333928_n_zpsjuoy9nve.jpg

Holly’s Coffee at Exit 3 of Gyeongbukgong Station


I went on an interesting hike at Ingwangsan and it was a hike with an attempt to have a bit of a glamour twist. But before going up that unforgettable hike, we passed by Inwangsan-gil and found this red-framed door of an art shop:

 photo 14925324_10209435495957523_5612784046758281697_n_zps8w7o3zsw.jpg

red-framed door of an art shop at Inwangsan-gil


No matter how many times I go around Sangsu-dong, there’s always something new to my eyes. Or come to think of it, this restaurant has always been there but I only got to notice this Korean restaurant when I was consciously on the look-out for red doors.

Red door photo 14962798_10209447460816637_6572198302920869646_n_zpsekmoa9d7.jpg

Korean resto at Sangsu-dong


It really is just a matter of perspective. We see what we want to see. On another Sangsu-dong excursion – I love this place since my husband first introduced me to have our Mother’s Day lunch!, I found this very red salon:

Red door photo 14915583_10209447460976641_4996382932491074433_n_zpsmnckp0m7.jpg

another one at Sangsu-dong


Recently, hubby and I got lost in Hongdae while looking for this French restaurant called L’Empreinte. And sometimes, getting lost is a good way of discovering places. And so, I got another red door at Red Big!

Red door @ Cafe Redbig photo 16403123_10210272150673368_2279059306618489391_o_zpsrxudnkzt.jpg

Red door at Red Big


I am so looking forward to seeing more red doors. It has become a fascination.

And while I am looking forward to seeing more of these reds, I allow my thoughts to venture into… do I use these doors to welcome and connect? or do I use them to firmly set boundaries?

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8 Responses

  1. Jackie says:

    I love your collection! A future post I was thinking of doing was collecting bathroom signs in a certain country—in China at the moment, to be more specific haha. I have a few as well of Malaysia. So you can see, your love for red doors is cute. Mine is be a bit strange, haha

  2. I’ve got to say, you win for most creative post theme this week! I really appreciate a new and fresh look at places, so this was great! Looking forward to your next series of red door photos…

    Just curious, is your fascination with doors limited to red ones? Or will you be doing photo essays of other colored doors as well?
    Nathan Anderson recently posted..Doing a Visa Run from South Korea to FukuokaMy Profile

  3. What a cute fascination and sure makes for a fun way to see the city. I like how it changes your view or makes you see an old place in a new light. Can’t wait to see a picture of your house and front door one day 🙂

  4. Nicole says:

    I love your hunt for red doors! There are so many cute places around Seoul and quirky looking buildings. I hope you manage to find a house with a red door one day!
    Nicole recently posted..Solo Travel in India Made Easy with Go MowgliMy Profile

  5. Rosie says:

    I never really pay attention to doors but after reading your post I think I will start to look at them differently – what a unique hobby! I love the first picture on your way up to Bukhansan, the door looks so elegant!
    Rosie recently posted..5 Weird and Wonderful Themed Cafes You Need to Visit in TokyoMy Profile

    • wendy says:

      I was actually inspired and started my fascination with red doors when I saw my lifestyle idol’s house with a red door:-)

  6. Shirgie Scf says:

    Well hello there red lady… haha.. I’ve been to Cafe I do at Hongdae, and I also have a photo with their red door. I won’t judge you for having a fascination on red doors, the important thing is, it makes you happy. Next time I see a red door, I will definitely remember you.

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