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Seussical at Dwight School Seoul

2016 ended great!

One of the highlights of our Dwight life was my older son’s performance at the school production, Seussical.

He got the role of one of the Wickersham Brothers (who also performed as the hunters) and here’s the excerpt from the production:

LeRuof’s biggest supporters (aside from his cheering MOM, of course) were, who else but, his Dad and brother.

LeRuof with his Dad, brother and one of his best friends

His friend even had a sleepover in the house right after the performance. And the best part was when he said that he also wants to be in the school production next year! That’s one big impact on his friend who is one of the best and dependable soccer players at school. Wonder why they click? hahaha!

My second son, who was seated with his Dad and two first-grader classmates simply enjoyed the night watching the play and was diligently checking the programme souvenir for the songs and the performances. He was remarkably patient before the performance while I was doing my PA (Parents’ Association) duties and helping with the Wickersham Brothers make-up.

DeFourth with his Kuya’s cast photos

I didn’t have to do any convincing to LeRuof to try it out in the school production. He went home one day and told me, “Mommy, Ms. Wheatley will be the choreographer in the school production. I want to join.”

I was surprised!!!

He had been disinterested in stage performances and I had always been telling him every after stage performances “to be more active on stage”, “look more enthusiastic”, “don’t be too shy…. you know, the works! Typical of a stage mom, hahaha! Since I started to back off with regards to his school affairs (don’t look at me, being Secretary of the Parents’ Association isn’t meddling with his school affairs <wink>), I didn’t think about asking him to be part of the school’s major production.

But people do come into our lives to inspire us to do things.

Back when Leruof entered first grade, his then Homeroom Teacher saw his writing potential and focused  on that “spark of genius” (I ain’t plugging Dwight:-) – Dwight prides itself in igniting the spark of genius of every child) constantly praising and giving him feedback until she saw how he got his “own voice in his writings“. To this day, he carries that passion for writing – without my interference!

And my son’s new Homeroom Teacher did the same magic at the beginning of this school year. I did tell her that I was surprised how my son suddenly got interested to join the production. She was glad she had that impact on him. So this is a shoutout to all you teachers out there! You never know when and how you can move your students to do new things. Thank you!

 photo Collage 2017-01-06 07_07_17_zpskkvjbt7t.jpg
still photos of the Wickersham Brothers (in blue vests)
 photo Collage 2017-01-06 07_08_52-1_zpstxdrndjn.jpg
now one of the hunters
Seussical at Dwight School Seoul photo FB_IMG_1481263757444_zpskaa2yyij.jpg
Seussical Cast
 photo 20161208_212740_zpsavp9nsdi.jpg
LeRuof with Horton the Elephant

Oh, you never can tell how feverish LeRuof was the whole day before the performance. I had to bring him to school late so we can get into the clinic first for immediate medication. Some teachers who were part of the production got worried about his health especially when he didn’t show any improvement even during the cast make-up time. His mood perked up when his Dad arrived and… he delivered!

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11 thoughts on “Seussical at Dwight School Seoul

  1. WOW! So cool to see young kids really get involved and passionate about something. You must be so proud! I do agree that certain people become part of our lives to light a spark in us. I think you’re exactly right about teachers too…they can have a huge influence on students. Awesome stuff!

  2. Seussical was my first musical in high school! Bringing me back to my younger years! Hahaha, I feel like every Filipino parent is somewhat of a “stage” parent (my dad was mine :P) but I love that his teacher inspired him to pursue this experience all on his own accord! The shout-out is definitely appreciate by the teacher demographic of your blog audience 🙂 Congratulations LeRuof!

  3. I’m glad to see your kid’s teacher care and influence him in and out of school. It isn’t easy to find those types of teachers, but I suppose it help while attending such a prestigious school. Your kids are so talented with their various interests and hobbies and good for you to be a supportive but not too pushy of a mom. I’m sure they respect and appreciate your efforts.
    Alla recently posted..Top posts from 2016My Profile

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Kudos to the supportive teachers and parents too! My niece and nephew aren’t quite old enough for school productions yet, but I’ll be the doting auntie in the audience, cheering them on 🙂 Super big congrats to your son!!

  5. I was lucky enough to have great teachers throughout my schooling, and they had such an impact on my life. How wonderful that both your kids are blessed to have teachers that provide inspiration and positive influence in their lives. Now that I have my own little one, it’s something I’m hoping she’ll benefit from in her lifetime as well. 🙂
    Shelley recently posted..2016: The Year we Learned how to Travel with a BabyMy Profile

  6. Reading this, I can feel how proud mommy you are. It’s great to see the whole family supporting him. Few years from now, I can see your sons smiling while reading this blog. Congratulations to you and your family for the success of this production. 🙂
    Karla recently posted..Korea Bucket List 2016My Profile

  7. Congratulations on your son’s theatrical debut 😉 I used to do a lot of theatre growing up and though I never made a career of performing, it definitely teaches you some useful skills for life. Seussical is a great play and it looks like everyone had fun!

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