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My 10-year old LeRuof is growing up and everyday I am reminded of that. I have a tween! Last night, on our way home from a get-together with their friends’ families he asked me if he could have his own Youtube channel. I consented, as long as he does it with his younger brother who was eagerly waiting for my positive answer. Today was the perfect day (Dwight School Seoul is still on holiday) for them to set-up their own Youtube channel. And so here goes, do check out their own channel, the PalomoBrothers!

They did their own recording and editing. They were free in the confines of their own room and my condition was I should watch the video first before they upload it.

I asked them both if there is anything in the video that they will regret in the future, we’d better not upload it. Apparently, they both agreed that the little one shall do a funny dance at the end of the video and he doesn’t mind the laughs.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. I can feel the generation gap in skills and interests.

Cheers to these boylets! I am proud of the boys that they are and I am looking forward to the things that they can do and more.

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