Kitting Out The Car For Your Little Ones

When you have children, you need to make changes to your lifestyle, and that includes the way you drive. In fact, kitting out your car for the kids can make your world a lot easier. It can help you keep them entertained on trips, make sure your car is safe and that the kids are happy. Here are some of the little things you can add to your vehicle to tick off these boxes.

Window Screens
Window screens are useful for keeping the sun’s rays off your kids in the backseat. They are particularly advised on long journeys, providing shade and protection from harmful UV light. I certainly recommend that you have these fitted during the summer months.

Backseat Film Screens
The TV screens for cars used to be expensive. Now they are so cheap, you can get one for the back of each seat if you have two kids. Or, you can have one fitted to the dash so that everyone can watch it, except the driver of course. The only thing I’d recommend is that you look at screen brightness. You need to make sure the image is still going to be clear on a sunny day.

Child Locks
Make sure you have the child locks on the doors of your car turned on. If you don’t, kids can easily pull the hatch and open the door while you’re moving! Child locks can be found on the inside underneath the door and will prevent it being opened from the inside. They are very useful.

Child Safety Seat
If your little one is still young, you may need a safety seat. When you get a safety seat, I suggest you buy one that faces backward. These are a lot safer, and you can see all the information on these in the following infographic.

Infographic Credit: tips for buying a child car seat

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