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Consciously Choosing Philippine-Made

I admire the way Koreans dress in Hanbok while going around Seoul. They may be going to family events like birthdays, or they may be celebrating holidays like Chuseok and Lunar New Year. I sometimes see a group of giggling girl groups. I like how they casually stroll around parks, streets and subways in their national clothes.

Come to think of it, Indians casually go around in their Saris. Hmmm… why don’t I see Filipinas in their national clothes going around the neighborhood:-).

It was an inspiring thought and one that had been occupying my mind. And so, I did!

I went around Seoul all the way to IFC Mall in my modified kimona paired with my Iloilo-made purse.

And bakya!

And… why do we really follow the fashion trends of high-end fashion brand? Fine, I’m a little bit guilty of that. Collecting bags I don’t even have the time or occasion to use. Thanks to hubby’s frequent business trips, he has gifted me with bags that made me smile so many times… until he got tired of buying for me, lol. Now, he loves to look at household things he knows I am currently fond of… which gives us another dilemma… space.

Anyway, I have a renewed love for things “Made in the Philippines“. It’s a cliché, of course, to say patronize your own. But really, progress comes from supporting your own industry. And the Philippines has beautiful craftmanship to be proud of. So, I decided to travel in style on my way out of Iloilo… I traveled the “probinsyana” way.

I got my native basket from Iloilo and it is now in one corner of my living room here in Seoul. It carried with it goods that my province is known for:

Biscocho and butterscotch, otherwise known as “food for the gods”. Yummy!

The barong tagalog is our men’s national costume. With a little bit of imagination, it has stylishly evolved to fit women these days. I got a comfortable, simple piece for me.

But mind you, the internet has a lot of barong tagalog designs for women. More stylish, but a bit more expensive. Nevertheless…

I have dedicated an album in my Facebook account for things and food “Made in the Philippines”. The privacy of my posts are usually customized but this one’s public. And in support of my #chooselocal campaign, this shall remain in public mode and I hope to be able to add to it more often. Just my little way to help promote everything Philippine-made.


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7 thoughts on “Consciously Choosing Philippine-Made

  1. I think it’s good that you try to promote local. Also, nobody should forget their own culture because the world would be a really sad place if we all tried to be the same. That’s why I love the trend that people are wearing Hanboks. You look nice in those clothes.
    Emre recently posted..Coffee HanyakbangMy Profile

  2. I love the women pioneering the effort to reclaim local practices. You look stunning in all your Filipinyana attire, it seems not that out of place in the world of today as society since artisanal efforts are kind of trending. I have a cousin who lives in Iloilo who is all about the “probinsyana” look. My next visit to the Philippines, I’ll have to find some of these modern updates to beloved clothing styles!
    izzy recently posted..Meet Burt Chutkan, EntrepreneurMy Profile

    1. Sure, in fact I have done that before. I have pointing to But then you are limited to developing when you have internet access. If you are a traveling man, then it is nice to be able to develop and test right on your local box. I don’t think adding DNS settings will break future upgrades to the OS, but maybe you are right.

  3. I love this! I always love buying handmade or made in the same country as I’m traveling. It does make it so much more special, and I’d rather help their industry from start to finish than support cheap imported goods.

    Also I love your take on incorporating traditional Filipino style! That first outfit is so cute, and looks PERFECT for the summer!
    Samantha | There She Goes Again recently posted..Inside the Mount Batur Sunrise TrekMy Profile

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