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Another Schoolyear, Another First Grader

The family’s back here in Seoul after a 6-week summer vacation in the Philippines. It would have been great to extend a few more days had it not been for my second son’s entry to primary school. He had a New Students Orientation last 11th but classes officially start on the 16th. Yes! Our second son is now a First Grader and he is also getting into Dwight School Seoul and will have the same inquiry-based education as his brother. I am satisfied with the Primary Years Program of the International Bacallaureate (IB) curriculum. So far, Dwight School Seoul is the only international school here in South Korea that has IB in all levels – primary years program, middle year program and diploma program.

A family affair on DeFourth’s new student orientation

It was a family affair as it had been with our first son. We were excited parents bringing our sons to each of their new students orientation program.

I had been Parent Link (PL) representative since my first son entered Dwight. A PL is like a Room Mom or the one who helps the homeroom teacher and the other parents with regards to students’ activities. All PLs have regular monthly meetings with the Lower School Principal. Last year, I only took over PL duties since the original PL left before the school year ended. I liked working with the homeroom teachers and fellow parents. And it gives my son a little bit more confidence seeing me at school helping out. I’m not sure if I continue to do PL duties this year but I will definitely be more active at school this year since I am assuming the position of Secretary for the Parents Association. It’s a bigger, since it’s schoolwide, role and one that will require more time and effort.

So, here’s to welcoming another school year with enthusiasm!




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11 thoughts on “Another Schoolyear, Another First Grader

  1. Aww what a cute little boy you have there
    Wendy! He looks so proud to be in the first grade!
    Hope you had a wonderful break in the Philippines and that you are all well and rested and ready for the new school year!

    1. Whatever role you take, goodluck. I realized my first son was happy and proud whenever he sees ne doing something in school. So, it adds more confidence to the child.

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