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Tips to Make Moving House Easier

Moving house is very stressful, and can lead to many a night of lost sleep. You have to worry about packing everything up in time for the removal men coming. You have to worry about keeping the kids occupied and not letting them get bored and restless, and even emotional. You even have to worry about unpacking everything in time to go back to work the next morning.

Start early:
My biggest tip would be to start your packing early. After all, it’s better to be finished early than it is to start late and be rushing around when the removal men come. Start at the top of the house and work your way down when each room is finished. If you take it step by step, then the packing won’t seem like too much, and you’ll be sure that everything is done. Label the boxes for each room so you know where they’re going in the new house, and you’ll make unpacking all that much easier. Make sure everything is wrapped properly, the last thing you want is to arrive at your new house and have broken goods to unpack. Wrap everything in bubble wrap and/or paper. Make sure each box is lined with plenty of newspaper to protect from unexpected shakes and bumps.

Book the right men for the job:
Booking the right men to move your most treasured possessions can be a difficult task. You’re trusting these strangers with your valuable objects. You’re trusting them to move your memories from one house to another. Cheap furniture removalists is a great company who can help to make your move all that much easier. Remember, you should always look around for the best removal company for you. Book at least 2 weeks in advance so everything is prepared. And make sure you read through the fine print of the removal insurance for your own peace of mind.

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Think ahead:
Pack first night essentials in a separate box and carry it with you. Also, make sure everyone has an overnight bag with enough toiletries to last everyone the first day or two. Things such as a kettle, tea and coffee should be packed somewhere that is easy to reach. If possible, finish any laundry before you pack everything up, the last thing you want is to be packing and moving damp clothes. Not only are wet clothes heavier, but they will also cause the boxes to get soggy and more fragile to transport. Use this as an opportunity to sort through your possessions. What do you need and what can you live without? My top tip would be to leave everything packed for a few days. Whatever you don’t pull out of its box isn’t necessarily needed in your life, and if it were you would have pulled it out by now right?
If you follow these tips then moving house will surely be a hell of a lot easier. I wish you a happy move and a happy new life in your new home. And when decorating your new home, why not add some style and splendor? Make your new home a fabulous expression of yourself!

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43 thoughts on “Tips to Make Moving House Easier

  1. Thank you very much for sharing! Very timely tips! So useful! Thank You for your precious experience. So on time! Genius!
    The best thing to consider all of the possible factors that could be involved in your long-distance or interstate move when choosing your mover is asking for moving quotes. It saved my budget.

  2. Thanks for the tips. One of the biggest realizations many people have as they begin to declutter and simplify their homes is that they have more unwanted stuff than they had realized. There’s no point moving boxes from your old home to your new home if they are simply going to be sitting unused for months.

  3. My neighbor had pestered me on several occasions and he annoyed me so much that I decided to move into another apartment. Thank you for telling me to book the right men to move my most treasured possessions. I have accumulated a wide collection of books and it will be very hard for me to move them myself. I hope I am able to find a good company that can take care of my belongings.

  4. Thank you for sharing these valuable hacks! I would also notice that it is not easy to pack and move all the clothes you have. A little organization and the right techniques will show you how to pack clothes for moving the best way. Prior to the packing process, you will have to figure out which items you should keep, get rid of or donate.

  5. Yes, you said right. Hire the right men for your job can affect you many ways. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing with us. Yes, you said right. Hire the right men for your job can affect you in many ways. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Moving has always been such a stress for my family. The suggestion of packing up everything early and labeling all the boxes so I know where they go is fantastic! I would finally be able to know where everything goes, having a good moving company put all of the boxes in the right places would also be super helpful.

  7. I like that you suggested booking a moving company 2 weeks earlier to make sure that you’ll have peace of mind that everything is prepared. My husband and I are planning to move to a different state next month. We want to live near the family of our son because we want to bond with our grandchildren. We need to make sure that our collections of vases and other valuables are going to be moved safely, so we’ll do all your tips.

  8. I’ve moved many more times than I’ve liked and tips like these have helped me get through each one. I always try and downsize during a move. It leads to less packing and less junk once I get to the new place. Great post!

    Awesome tips Crystal! We also recommend using labels and color coding on boxes to help you stay organized when moving.

  9. Thanks for sharing this so interesting tips for find moving house easier! When you are planning to move, hiring the right moving company is a big part of the process. You share the useful tips. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  10. That’s interesting tip to start at the top of your house. I guess there’s a certain benefit of getting the things that need to move vertically done first. I have to move for work, so I’ll have to use that tip.

  11. To add to picking the right removals company – if you’re also after house clearance (for instance, if your garage is a mess and you just want to clear it), make sure they’re registered with the correct authorities. For instance, over here in the UK you’ll want to make sure that they’re registered with the Environment Agency. If they’re not, they could fly-tip your rubbish and if the rubbish can be connected to you in some way (i.e. from and old letter or something), then you’ll have to foot the bill to clean it up. We used a great company called woolton house clearance, highly recommended 🙂

    Thank you for the post!

  12. Hey,
    I wish it would be exciting and easier not stressful or disruptive. I also know a company who is very responsible for their jobs of home removals and they are Smart-Move. They are passionate to their work and can continue their work outside working hours, just for you that you won’t worry about your next working day.

  13. I recently moved from my place.Hiring the right removalist is a necessity if you want to enjoy a move that goes as smoothly as possible.For ultimate protection when you move to a new home, hire a reputable removalist and take out your own transit insurance, just in case something does go wrong.
    Thank you for posting informative article.

  14. Hey Wendy,

    Great Post Buddy!

    Yup, moving can be so stressful, especially if it’s long distance! My husband got relocated for work as I am 8 months pregnant but we did all the investigation we could to make it as stress-free as possible.

    I am not above paying a service to help transport my stuff. My two cents would be, get rid of as much as you can before you pack, and pack a travel bag with essentials to keep with you!


  15. Hi

    Great share,,,

    I am Looking for Professional home movers but I didn’t find anyone.
    Well, Thanks for these great tips now I can manage my whole stuff and move to another home easily.

  16. Very well said Wendy, That’s a good idea to look around for a removal firm. I am looking for a professional, reliable overseas removal company right now, but I haven’t done that. It’s true that I don’t want to be steered into a position that isn’t right for me. I’ll make sure that I visit some removals firm this week.

    Thanks for sharing so much information about this.

  17. Awesome article! I’m planning to move to another apartment and reading this one helps me on what to expect and what to do in the long run. You really have an awesome blog. keep it up! 🙂

  18. This moving article is absolutely precise and it has an excellent insight of planning ahead of time for relocating and pack all the most essential item to bring especially extra money, medical kit, and ETC…

    Nevertheless, I have friend had thought for a move, I think these numerous moving tips are definitely fit for their plan. Thank you, Wendy!
    Francisco Reeves recently posted..Things To Do Before Hiring Full Service MoversMy Profile

  19. Hello Wendy..! I already finished reading your article and I definitely agree to you. Relocating is difficult so, you should plan earlier than you think. In our first moving and hopefully this house is permanent, we did just one mistake, we forgot labeling the boxes and it so difficult to guessing of where for the kitchen, for sofa and even for the rooms. But overall we finished.

    Moreover, this information is advantage for the firs-timer in relocating.
    Marvin Clark recently posted..Have Stress Free Moving with Packing ServicesMy Profile

  20. Completely agreed, moving is difficult and mentally stressful. Most worsting is you hired a bad movers that they are not carrying well your item especially the fragile like mugs, plates, glass,and ETC, that’s why it’s better to do a research for the moving company you want to hire and planning ahead of time for big move is a must to avoid problems and delays. Hopefully our home now is permanent and hope we do not needing move one.
    Steven Reeves recently posted..Things To Do Before Hiring Full Service MoversMy Profile

  21. Great information! I really like all your tips you had mentioned in this blog. I also think that it’s very difficult to move your house from one place to another place. These will be beneficial tips for us. Thanks for sharing such informative blog.

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