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The Ultimate Guide To Simplifying Your Life

Many people are taking the steps to simplify their lives. Most of us have lived pretty cluttered, complicated, materialistic lives. It never takes long for people with lots of possessions to realise that ‘things’ aren’t the key to happiness, like so many believed in the past. This guide to simplifying your life will help you to take the steps to a happier, less stressful existence. Take a look!

Make A List Of The Most Important Things To You

Write down the most important things to you. Maybe stick to 4 or 5 things that are really important in your life. This might be material things, or things that you like to do every day. Figure out how you can make these things take priority in your life if they don’t already, and eliminate everything else. Knowing what is most important to you will definitely help you on the way to a simpler life.

Redesign Your Day

With your list of important things, have a go at redesigning your day. Write a timetable of your current usual day, and then compare that to the things that are important to you. For instance, if looking good is important to you, but you’re not making the time for exercise, then something needs to change. People generally feel better and get more done when they get up nice and early. There are lots of books you can use to help you live your ideal life, so take time for self-development too.

Edit Your Rooms And Storage

Go through each room and edit your space, as well as your storage to make it as simple as possible. If you have things you haven’t used for awhile, chances are you won’t use them. Get rid of them either by giving them away, recycling them and selling them. Aim to make your rooms as simple as possible. Maybe you could even hire some affordable skip bins to get it done fast. It won’t take as long for you to clean and organize them in the future this way!

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Deal With Things ASAP

When you get a letter or something along those lines, aim to deal with it ASAP. If you open a letter, and then put it to the side to deal with later, chances are it’ll lie around for a long time making the place look untidy. It’s the same with receipts. Either store things if you genuinely need them, or shred them. Take this approach with most things to help you live a simple life.

Find Simplicity On The Inside

If you don’t simplify your inner world, you can’t expect your outer world to be simple. Learn to find simplicity on the inside. For example, if something is worrying you but there’s nothing you can do, try not to worry. De-stress regularly. Take deep breaths. Do whatever you can to find peace!

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Keep Yourself Healthy

If you don’t keep yourself healthy, you’ll never have a simple life. You’ll have a lot of doctor’s trips to make a money to spend on medication! Exercise, eat right, and take care of your mind.

Start today!

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