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Iloilo: Suman Latik

I’m here on vacation in Iloilo, the province where I grew up . And the best thing about being on vacation in the place where I grew up in, despite being a Mom with 2 sons in tow, is getting to  be a daughter again.

This morning, my Mom went to the market. When she came back, she simply said: “Weng, ginbaklan ta ka sg paborito mo bala sang una.” (Weng – my nickname to my family, I bought something for you. This was your favorite before). And look what she got for me:

Suman Latik.

suman latik photo 20160713_110221-1_zpslzy44cgn.jpg
Suman Latik

Suman Latik is an Ilonggo delicacy. It is a sticky rice topped with coconut strips cooked in sugar and coconut milk. I have always liked this treat, either for breakfast or midday snack. And it’s heavy to the tummy. Still, I was never satisfied with just one. Oh well, this is a rare treat.

Kaon ta!*

*(Hiligaynon for Let’s eat!)

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