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Five Changes You Need To Make To A Less Emotionally Draining Life

We all have the risk of suffering from it at one point or another. Life can just grind you down. It can find a nice little rut for you and just nudge you in bit by bit. This process can be emotionally draining. Not just in an exhausting kind of way. It can really make you start to feel nothing but negative about you and the life you live. That’s why sometimes you need to just break out and change things. Here are a few ways to stop being a Negative Nancy and take your happiness into your own hands.

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Doing something that helps
One way that you can really turn your life around is by finding another focus. We all focus so much on our careers that they can be all consuming and become a core part of our lives and identity. But what if they don’t fulfill us? Karen Salmansohn had that same problem. She worked in advertising, only to find that, despite rising fast in that fast-paced world, she wasn’t fulfilled. Now she writes primarily on self-fulfillment and being happy. For a lot of people, changing their focus to one that helps can be as beneficial for them as for others.

Get out of your usual environment
It is very much our surroundings that also play a big part on our moods. Sometimes, we just need to get away from being surrounded by walls, walls and more walls. From short breaks to long staycations, make sure you take the time to recharge your batteries with some friends.

Make your home your sanctuary
Unless you plan on dropping everything and going on a full adventure, the chances are you have to return to that same old environment. But it doesn’t have to be the same old environment. Instead, take it into your own hands and make some changes. Start injecting your own style into the place and make it a real sanctuary. Give yourself space to work, space to create and space to relax. Nothing’s quite as stifling as a home that offers no solace or use to its inhabitant.

Keep only the best people around you
Are there people who make you feel tired, bad or just plain unattractive when you spend time with them? Are you in relationships where you find someone causes you more pain than happiness? If so, you might need to find new friends. We stick with the same people often more out of necessity and fear. However, there are always people, just like you, looking for friends. Don’t feel like you don’t have options.

Organize some real health goals
One thing that plays a huge role in contributing to happiness and mental health is the physical health of our bodies. Going on a fad diet or trying a new year’s resolution and failing can only make you feel worse about yourself. Instead, organize and plan a real change. Use apps, goals and charts to help you really measure your progress and develop better methods towards a real lifestyle change.

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