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DMC’s Korean Film Archive

The Digital Media Center (DMC) is a continuing work of progress.

As it stands today, the area is one of the most admirable and highly technologically-driven. But the people behind the development of Digital Media Center continue to pursue more development side by side with its aesthetics.  And more…

After lunch at Cafe Mama at DMC, DeFourth and I separated from my Mommy-friends last week. He was more than happy to have my attention all by himself! And we went to check out what’s playing at the Korean Film Archive building.


The cinema at the Korean Film Archive building shows classic, art and independent films from acclaimed directors from all over the world. There was a time when it was showing a classic film from the Philippines but the schedule didn’t coincide with my free time. Last week’s film, though all films are shown for free, wasn’t appropriate for DeFourth’s age so we went around the film museum instead.

ticket box with helpful staff
the movie theater where movies are shown for free

There was no scheduled screening at the time we were going around so we were able to peek in one of the theaters. It’s big and clean… and amazingly free-of-charge.

DeFourth and I started the tour of the Film Museum. True to its mission of showing the history of the Korean Cinema, it aptly started from where it all began… the birth of Cinema in 1895.

entrance of the Film Museum

The following wall showed the 100 Years of Korean Cinema. Its history isn’t complete without taking its roots from the history of film-making worldwide.

The Korean Cinema

The museum is focused on Korean Film History so all throughout are exhibits of antique cameras used by Korean film-makers, profiles and movies of highly-esteemed Korean film-makers from past to present.




My 6-year old son got engrossed with some of the old films on exhibit. He was watching a film excerpt here without taking interest on the huge camera behind him which was apparently used by one of Korea’s great film-maker (I’m so not into taking notes so film-maker and movie name I can’t provide in here).

But he got mostly interested in this large zoetrope which moves around when you push the button beside the exhibit. Somehow, he got this picture as to how animations are done. I’m not sure how much of it has registered on him, but I’m glad he has some idea how his favorite films are being produced.

After the different zoetrope exhibits, there is this corner where you could try your hand in creating these drawings. This was DeFourth’s sort-of practical application of what he saw all throughout.

It’s great that this “Animation Workshop” corner exists. At least, insofar as my son is concerned, it gives a more personal attachment to him. It isn’t just one of the museums he visited where he went around and looked because in here, all his senses were working. He read, he listened, he watched, he touched and he had the chance to draw… animation characters! For a 6-year old? I’m the coolest mom that afternoon!

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12 thoughts on “DMC’s Korean Film Archive

  1. It is quite remarkable to see how many archiving efforts Korea has spearheaded. These cultural sites are of so much value and I wish every country in the world was as committed to providing these places to their citizens. You are honestly the coolest mom in general having read all these posts of what lengths you go to to educate you children. 🙂
    izzy recently posted..Whereabouts: Cape Town, South AfricaMy Profile

  2. That’s looks like a cool little museum. Film archive. I was actually curious about some of the earlier Korean films, but not much can be found online, in English.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve never been to the DMC! Looks like a place filled with lots and lots of fun things to do. I’m sure you were a superhero in your sons eyes that day (and I’m sure everyday) x

  4. The Best things in life are free, aren’t they? Especially when movies can be so expensive. I don’t remember the last time I was at the movie theater and its great to know that we can find Free movies outside of my own living room hehe.

    1. Please do. Aside from all the hanok villages that Kora is proud of, DMC is a contrast of highly-digital complex that Seoul can also offer to its visitors to explore.

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