Dwight School Seoul’s International Spring Fair: Tastes of the World

Last Saturday was that time of the year again when the Dwight School Seoul community was busy welcoming parents, students and guests inside the campus. It was the annual International Spring Fair! The theme for this year was “Tastes of the World”.

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For the past 2 years, The 601 Habit handled the Philippine booth. Due to some changes, we (The 601 Habit) didn’t get a table anymore. Instead, as a Dwight parent I (together with 2 other Filipino families) handled the Philippine table. For this year, the Dwight Parents Association encouraged participation from the parents, faculty and students. The international tables were handled by parents grouped according to their country of origin. Thankfully, 2 Filipino families joined this year so we were able to pull it through. Had it happened for the past 2 years, I surely cannot handle it alone.

It was a successful event. The most number of attendees, I think. To top it all, I had a very smooth working relationship with the other Grade 3 moms! Oh, as Parent Link, I also managed the Grade 3 table. Together with the Grade 3 moms, we sold ice cream sandwiches and ice popsicles. Perfect for kids on a warm day of playing under the sun. It was nice to see cooperation among the third grade moms who took turns in managing the table. Kudos to all the Grade 3 moms!

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Grade 3 parents helping at the table

Grade 3 table and Philippine table were put side by side so it was easy for me to stay with the 2 tables at the same time.

The Philippine table’s best seller were the mango juice and fresh mango fruits. We also had pancit and a variety of Philippine candies.

 photo Collage 2016-05-14 10_12_53_zpsut9rcctn.jpg
Philippine Table

Teresa, Ivy and I were already talking about what to put in our Philippine table next year!

 photo 20160514_103425-1_zpsgpq5rp6t.jpg
Proudly Pinoy

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and we hope to see additional Filipino families joining us next school year!

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12 thoughts on “Dwight School Seoul’s International Spring Fair: Tastes of the World

  1. I had an event like this in high school called “Mosaic”, and absolutely loved everything it had to offer. Some kids are sheltered and are just not exposed to other foods, so I think the exposure at such a young age is fantastic. The Philippines table looked great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Yay, always representing! You should get povloron for next year’s mark! My friends always love those and they are so tiny. I love all the posts about your son’s school life. This school seems was more fun in comparison to my own elementary school experiences. How many countries were represented at the fair?!

    1. There was a good number of countries as we parents helped out each other well. We have the US, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, El Salvador, Australia, Russia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, China, India, Egypt, Philippines tables…. I think all parents took the challenge to heart:-).

  3. I agree with Megan – this is really cool what the school is doing. I think it’s great to have them exposed to these sorts of events. Those are great looking mangos!!! Yums.

    1. Hi Samanta, it was us who decided not to get a table for our group, The 601 Habit, since we can’t do fundraising for our group. But some of our members were there to show support so it was fun.

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