Danggogae Shrine: A Place of Solace in the City

It was a Monday after Holy Week when a friend took the boys and I to a very solemn place in the middle of the busy streets of Metropolitan Seoul. Our destination: The Danggogae Catholic Martyr’s Shrine. It is a mere walking distance from the Yongsan Electronics Market.

Danggogae Catholic Martyr’s Shrine

The Shrine is a small property in the middle of apartment complexes. If you live in any of these apartments, this Shrine is one of the perks for your serenity. It is a lovely, quiet place where you can meditate and pray the whole day and have your personal relationship with God strengthened through silence.

Danggogae Shrine


Where the Shrine stands right now used to be a grim location for the martyrdom of 10 Korean Catholics. It was called the Gihae Persecution in 1839. Their martyrdom made 9 of them saints. Why one wasn’t declared a saint was a story of a mother’s sacrifice. She had to temporarily put aside her faith to raise her children. But she still died a martyr for her faith.

Perhaps, the best part of the whole Shrine for me is this prayer room. While there is a central area where mass is celebrated, this prayer room is where you can silently talk directly to God. This is where you whisper your most innermost pains and desires.

The Prayer Room inside the Danggogae Shrine

Inside the prayer room, you may light up a candle provided on one side for 1,000-won. That day, candle designs were that of flowers and boats. Of course, you would know what my boys chose.

my friend guiding my son lighting up his candle

These were the lighted candles while the boys prayed. Of what their prayers were for, I didn’t intrude.

prayer candles

After praying and checking (more on just looking since we cannot read Hangeul) on the profiles of the 10 martyrs, we went up to the top of the Shrine. Though it was already after the Holy Week, my friend has her Stations of the Cross booklet in her bag. It was a perfect time to introduce the Stations of the Cross to my sons after DeFourth asked about the images on each station. From up here, you can see the apartments and buildings around. I just love it that you can have a quite refuge in the middle of this city jungle.

rooftop of the Danggogae Shrine

It was a good day. It was bright and cool and relaxing. Our stomachs were grumbling for food after we’re done but the boys just got to have a little bit of fun first.

The kiddos and I in front of the Shrine

The I-park Mall was just a few minutes bus ride away so for anyone who wants to have silence and peaceful meditation, this is one place you could turn to for solace.

Directions (source: Visit Korea)
Yongsan Station (Gyeongbu Line & Seoul Subway Line 1 & Jungang Line), Exit 3.
Take the footbridge connecting Exit 3 to the Terminal Electronics Market.
Exit through the front of the Terminal Electronics Market and walk toward the parking lot across the street from the building..
Walk along the right side of this parking lot until you reach Yongsan Jeonjasangga Sageori (four-way intersection).
Turn right and walk for about 300m.
Turn left just before the elevated road (overpass).
Walk straight ahead until the end of this street to arrive at the site.

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14 thoughts on “Danggogae Shrine: A Place of Solace in the City

  1. What an interesting post Wendy!
    I wish I had known about this place when my mom came to visit me last year. She is Catholic and just loves visiting beautiful Catholic buildings.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. While I was living in Korea, it seemed to me as if the Catholic sect remained out of view in comparison to the largely present protestant faith. But despite being out of sight, there are these hidden spaces that you’ve come across where the spirituality is almost strengthened by being out of public view. I loved what you said: “It is a lovely, quiet place where you can meditate and pray the whole day and have your personal relationship with God strengthened through silence.” That seems all the more sacred to me in comparison to neon lit crosses every other block 😛

  3. I think I have seen this place before when we were doing some photography around Yongsan last year. The building itself definitely sticks out in a sea of regular grey Korean buildings!

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