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What to Consider When Building a Garden Deck

There’s nothing quite like being outside in the summer. Unless you hate the sun, in which case, please feel free to stay inside with the curtains closed. But for the rest of us, when the sun is baking the ground and the flowers are in full bloom, we want to spend more time outdoors. Doing pretty much everything you usually do suddenly sounds more appealing if you can move it outdoors.


This will determine pretty much every aspect of your deck design. Maybe you’re a party animal and want a flashy outside area for the party to expand into. Maybe you want to have family members around more often for gatherings. Maybe you want to have more barbecues with your friends. Whatever it is, you need to consider it in the design.

For example, if the last option tickles your fancy, then you’ll need a specialised grilling area. You’ll need adequate shielding from sudden summer breezes. You may want slightly different flooring to counter possible spillage. An alcove-type area of the desk away from others is probably best for a grilling area. This is why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend getting yourself a gorgeous deck in your garden. If you don’t have one already, I bet you’ve wished you had one when the warm weather struck! So why not get it done? Here are some of the things you should consider when getting a deck built for your home.

What will you be using it for?

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What materials do you want to use?

There are so many materials you could possibly use on your deck, all with various advantages. You’ll obviously need strong material for the flooring, especially if you’re expecting a lot of traffic. Some people like to have areas using concrete, but brick can be quite uncomfortable underneath your feet. The sun is going to make that brick pretty darn hot, too!

Traditionally, wood is what a deck is mostly made out of. I’d recommend against rocking this particular boat; there’s a good reason that wood is still the most popular material here! With the right decking supplies, your deck will look stylish and feel comfortable. Remember to consider what you’re going to be using the deck for when you’re picking materials!


How do the sun and wind affect that area?

Before you build a deck, you need to plan its size and reach. But before you do that, you’ll need to assess your garden thoroughly. For best results, you should be doing this during different times of the day. Let’s say you want a family gathering in the sun during weekend afternoons. How does the sun shine on that area during those times?

It’s important to consider this because there may be trees or fences in your garden that block out the sun. If you want shading, then you can install that onto your deck yourself. But if you want the sun shining directly onto your deck regardless, you may want to find anything that will block that sunlight and deal with it. You’ll also want to consider how much wind gets through to that area of the garden. If it gets really windy during certain times, you may want to factor that into the design of your deck with shielding from the wind.

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