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3 Healthy Habits All Parents Should Teach Their Kids Before They Go To School

Our kids will spend a significant portion of their lives in education. This is the place they will spend most of their days surrounded by their friends and teachers. As parents, it’s our duty to encourage our children to learn and develop every day. So as your child reaches school age, you need to make sure they know how to stay clean and healthy. This will help them become more independent and prepare them for this integral part of their life. Here are three healthy habits your children should master before they go to school.


Cleaning their teeth

Children who regularly and thoroughly clean their teeth will have better oral hygiene than those who don’t. So teaching your kids how to brush their teeth is vital. It can save you a fortune in dentist fees later on in their life and prevent tooth and gum disease from developing. Find the best electric toothbrush that is age appropriate for your child to use. Take the time to show them how to brush their teeth properly, making sure each tooth is cleaned. You should also use a timer or play a song to make sure they brush for a sufficient amount of time. Knowing how to brush their teeth is a lifelong skill which encourages them to care about their oral health. This will stand them in good stead when their baby teeth fall out too.



Wash their hands

Make sure that before your child goes to school that they know how and when to wash their hands. We all know how messy kids can be, and sometimes they can’t help but get dirty hands. Whether it’s mud, paint or food, they are bound to get messy at school. So show them how to wash their hands using soap and warm water. As you show them, talk to them about how important it is to clean your hands, especially before eating. This will stop them from spreading and catching germs from other children, which can easily happen in a school environment. This, in turn, will make them happier and healthier kids as a result.


Blow their Nose

It’s likely that you have blown your child’s nose since they were a baby. But when they get to school they will have to do it by themselves. So again, show your child how it is done at home before they go to school. Also, make sure they always have a pack of tissues in their bag. Let them know how important it is to cover their nose with a tissue before they sneeze and when they cough to catch germs. This will make them more thoughtful of others by stopping the spread of germs that could develop into coughs and colds.

Schools are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs due to so many people being in one place. But if your child adopts these healthy habits beforehand they will know how to protect themselves. So take the time to explain the benefits of staying clean and healthy and make each habit as fun to learn as possible.

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  1. These are three of the main ones, though currently I’m worried by oldest will be out of diapers before school comes round 🙁

    Wendy, I noticed this was a “Contributed Post”, and there is a typo in the sub-heading “Crleaning their teeth”. Just to let you know as I love your site!


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