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VIP Reading Day at Dwight 2016

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed every 21st  of February as the International Mother Language Day “to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world”. A take-off from this celebration, Dwight School Seoul annually celebrates VIP Reading Day. This year, Dwight’s VIP Reading Day was held last February 23. During this day, volunteers (Dwight parents and teachers) and invited guests (mostly from embassies) read to the students in their mother tongue.

Since  my first son entered Dwight School Seoul 3 years ago, I didn’t miss to volunteer for the VIP Reading Day. This year was the third time I read in Tagalog. Though the children cannot understand the language, we were advised to make a short summary in English. I did mine every page and the pictures did a lot of help. For the three years that I volunteered, the kids have always been interested with the stories. I felt good that they can hear my “mother tongue” (technically not since I grew up speaking Hiligaynon, the dialect from Iloilo, so I speak Tagalog with an Ilonggo accent).

For the first 2 years, the students gave me personalized thank you cards and I still keep the cards today. This year, I received another personalized card with messages from each student. My son pointed out, “I’m the only one who wrote differently, Mommy”. Instead of my name, he wrote “Dear Mommy”. Sweet! And I know my son likes to see me doing things for his class.

Aside from the card, the organizers of the event handed out tokens of appreciation, too.

It was a surprise but it goes to show that the event is getting bigger each year. More preparation, more participants. There were 50 readers this year and if the preparation doesn’t slow down, it’s gonna be a wow next year. Me so looking forward to it especially that with the entry of my second son in first grade, I will already have 2 sons at Dwight this coming August.

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7 thoughts on “VIP Reading Day at Dwight 2016

  1. This is wonderfully beautiful! I love how you read in your mother tongue! You’re so international and I’m glad you’re instilling an appreciation of your language and culture in your children. As a girl who’s half Mexican, I thank my mother constantly for teaching me her native tongue, language and culture. Your children definitely feel the same! <3
    Gina recently posted..How Not to Be a Complete Dickhead in JapanMy Profile

  2. From reading all your posts, I’m inspired by the way you are raising your children! All these experiences from the etiquette class to this mother tongue appreciation event are going to be so valuable to them as adults and you are paving the way for them to be global citizens. I am so impressed by your mothering and hope I can share some of these practices with my own children in the future. Could you share what Filipino tale you read about? I can read Tagalog too so I’m interested to learn 🙂
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    1. It’s “Ang Angking Galing ni Gaya”…it’s about loving yourself for who and what you are. You’ll be a grat mom, don’t worry. In the meantime, enjoy experiencing the world. Cheers!

  3. What a memorable experience for each of the children and volunteers. That’s awesome that you’re so involved in your son’s life – unforgettable moments!

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