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Top Things People Forget To Check When Buying A House!


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Buying a house is an exciting time for you and your family. You go to see many homes till you find the right one. You are looking at the size of the property, and thinking about what you could do with the property. And these are important points. However, there are more vital things you should check before making any decision.

The History
It’s not a question you would think to ask about, but the history of the home is very important. You need to ask the estate agent when the home was built and how many people have owned the property. You should ask if the house has always been the same size or whether work has been done to the property. You can find out some more information online about the property. It’s important to know if it is in a flood risk area, as this could affect the property in the future.

The construction
It’s important to make sure you take a good look at the construction of the property before you make any decision. The roof is the best place to start. As we said here, people often don’t look at the roof when they move in. However, it’s important to check, as if there are any problems, you may have to pay out extra for a roof specialist. If you can, ask the estate agent to let you have a look inside the loft. You can make sure everything looks okay, as you don’t want any hidden costs when you move in!

The heating
You need to check out the heating system. Ask to make sure you know whether it’s gas or electric. It’s worth having a look at the boiler name and researching about it when you get home. If it’s not energy efficient, you could be looking at getting an expensive bill every month. Check to see if the heating is working, as you don’t want to move in and it needs fixing.

Fencing and railings
Make sure you check the fencing or railings around the property. If it’s falling apart or needs to be replaced, you will end up having to get someone in to repair it. You could always fix it yourself, but then you will have to buy materials such as Steel Channel, and it will take up your time.

The windows
When looking at a property, you should be checking the windows to make sure there are no signs that they will need to be replaced when you move in. Also, check if they have locks because if they don’t, you will have to buy new locks for them all. You should also check for any cracks in the windows as these also could be costly to replace.

Make sure you check the property for what parking is available. Some properties will have a garage which is handy for your vehicles. If not, then hopefully there is a driveway that you can use. In some cases, there will be off road parking. Ask the estate agent where this will be, and have a look outside to see how many cars are around. You may reconsider the property if it’s a nightmare to find a parking place!

Good luck finding your new property.

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