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The Etiquette Factory by Mary Anne

My second son had recently graduated from Kindergarten. Due to the difference in the academic year schedule of the Korean educational system and the international schools, I am doing informal homeschooling for my son until he turns first grade in August. And homeschooling isn’t limited to being home-based in all your lessons. In fact, we do our learning everywhere. And another part of it is enrolling my son in specialized classes. He goes to a 100-minute/session YMCA Masters Swimming Class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Another class I had him attend was the Etiquette Class (EF) by Mary Anne being offered every last Friday of the month at the Itaewon Global Village Center.

 photo CAM10321_zpse5zdlmcb.jpg
Miss Mary Anne Campos leading an activity during the Etiquette Factory class

The Etiquette Factory Class follows different modules every session. The session he attended last February 26 focused on respect and kindness. This March, the session will be on table manners. I am not supposed to put him in this session due to his swimming class schedule but he insisted reasoning out that he will only be absent once. I saw how he enjoyed the class and he is actually anticipating the next one.

Mary Anne Campos, the instructor and owner of The Etiquette Factory by Mary Anne, is very amiable with kids. I think she perked up the kids very well that her class is being looked forward to. The Etiquette Factory also holds after-school classes at Dwight School Seoul and the Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS). She will also be holding Etiquette Factory classes with the Girl Scouts inside the US Base this March.

It’s nice to know that classes like this one is being offered. For Koreans, this is a good way to learn English and learning manners at the same time. For the expat community, this provides options for moms and kids. And hey, lessons in manners will allow us to go a long, long way!

For my son, he is consciously “catching kindness” in his little jar, a take-home activity they had during the Etiquette Class. You know when an activity makes an impact on your children when they internalize class activities beyond their class hours.

 photo CAM10327_zpsjcktuxfh.jpg
“Catch some Kindness”

If you want to avail of the EF classes at the Itaewon Global Village Center, check the center’s newsletters or search for the Itaewon Global Village Center on the net. Or if your kids are studying at Dwight School Seoul or the YISS, check their after-school program schedule. Or simply get in touch with The Etiquette Factory by Mary Anne for your own schedule.

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10 thoughts on “The Etiquette Factory by Mary Anne

  1. I think it’s great that you can spend time with your son by teaching him about the world outside of the classroom. As they say, the learning doesn’t stop once you exit the room. I found it fascinating that Korea offers etiquette classes! It’s also great that you can join in too

  2. Thank you for blogging about our program.
    I always look at each child as a blessing from God.I know that each child is important,each child has great gifts to offer the world,and each child needs guidance to help them reach their full potential.The Etiquette Factory does not assume that the skills taught at the Etiquette Factory are not being taught in the home.We know they are.It is our goal to reinforce what is being taught in the home.It is our goal to give children and their parents encouragement,ideas and the confidence to continue this essential training in the home.

  3. An etiquette class? Wow, I didn’t even know they offered something like that in Seoul. I love how you’re exploring all aspects of life together with your child. And these are not just your run-of-the-mill activities. My Filipino parents were very strict on manners growing up and its something I hope to raised my own children upon. I love the kindness jar idea! I think even grown-ups need to bring the practice into their households too 🙂
    Izzy recently posted..Why Sisters Make the Best Travel CompanionsMy Profile

    1. And what makes it even better is having a Filipino teacher who owns this Etiquette Factory. She personally handles the classes.

  4. I think it’s really awesome you have this time in between kindergarten and first grade to spend with your son and also the opportunity to teach him things he may not have the chance to learn about in school. Especially manners! Kudos to you, I think that shows great parenting! Your son looks like a little sweetie who was already kind ti begin with! 🙂
    Megan Indoe recently posted..11 Fun Ways to Spend Spring in KoreaMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your very warm words, Megan:-)… Yep, I feel lucky I have this time with him. I had a good time with his older brother, too when he was in this same situation.

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