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Summer Showdown: Barbecue Vs. Garden Party

A barbecue is one of the first ways people like to express that the Summer has arrived! But if you’re planning to throw an event for friends and families, it’s hard to make yours stand out. Once you’ve had the burgers or sausages cooked outdoors and washed it down with beer, it may feel like you’ve done it a thousand times before. For convenience and laidback charm, barbecues will always have their place. But to really capture the attention of your guests, why not have a garden party?

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Barbecues and Garden Parties: What’s The Difference?
It’s true that there are more similarities than not between barbecues and garden parties. They both take place outside. They are both probably best enjoyed in the warmer months. They can both be made inviting and appropriate for all ages. However, there are a few subtle but significant differences that you should be aware of.

A Touch of Class
A barbecue is usually a resolutely laidback affair. Everyone wears whatever they like and there is rarely, if ever, any attempt to dress up. A garden party is usually different. While a garden party is still designed to be relaxing and informal, the nature of the food, serving, and atmosphere is likely to be a touch more formal. Spritzers, punch, and cocktails are a more popular choice than beer, for example. They are more refreshing and more likely to go with the selection of food. (More on that later). As a result, the atmosphere is still friendly and fun but with a bit more effort to dress up. Smart casual summer clothes are best.

Hot and Hearty Vs. Cool and Fresh
The array of food available at a garden party may still include meat, fish, and hot snacks. But overall it is likely to be much lighter and fresh. Burger and bun might be soup and salad, for example. Vegetable skewer might be a cool vegetable medley with fresh dressing. It is completely up to you what you cook and how you serve it. But garden parties tend to favour lighter, fresher treats. You’ll be making a healthier choice and less likely to experience that slump after eating!

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How To Prepare
As with any social occasion, don’t stress about perfection. The main aim of the occasion is to get everyone together talking and relaxing. If you happen to be really self-conscious about your garden but still want to host an event, plan well ahead of time. Get weeding and investigate sprucing up paint and fencing with companies like http://www.fencemakers.com/. Check ahead of time that you have enough seating, glasses, and plates. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a few extra items the weekend before if you need assistance. It is a nice way to involve them and you can thank them later with free-flowing wine and cocktails!

Don’t feel like a garden party needs to be so formal that it cannot include children. Children can be a great addition to the atmosphere, adding fun and vitality! Bake some elegant cupcakes that both adults and children will enjoy. It can also be fun to add a paddling pool and toys at the foot of the garden. That way, children can have their own mini Summer party under safe supervision.

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