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Simple Ideas For Creating The Perfect Family Garden

When you have young kids, it’s fair to say that your dreams of a perfect garden will have a limit. Children love to spend a lot of time outside when the weather is warm – but it can cause untold problems!

They aren’t the greatest respecters of boundaries in the world – in more ways than one. So, a little orchid patch or beautiful and delicate flowers are probably not your best option. With this in mind, what makes the perfect family garden? Let’s take a closer look with some of the best tips we have picked up over the years.

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Play areas
It’s always a good idea to let the kids have their own space for playing. They will focus most of their attention in that area if all their playthings and toys are there for them. Obstacle courses, Swingball, and space to run around and release some energy are all good ideas. If your children love playing with balls – as most of them do – then bear this in mind when you are planning boundary areas. Keep your prized plants and flowers well away from areas that can be easily damaged.

If you are going to make any serious investment in your garden, we would suggest getting a shed – or alternative outdoor storage. All those toys and footballs will need somewhere to go at the end of the night. It doesn’t take long for them to get damaged, and they will last so much longer if you store them somewhere dry and dark. There are some great ideas over at The Guardian – so check them out here.

Now, let’s get to the important part – planning your beds and patches. It might be a good idea to get in touch with a landscaping company who will give you a hand to create a safe and beautiful environment. In general, though, Keep your delicate flowers well out of the way of your not-so-delicate flowers – or things will just end in tears.

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Raised beds can be a godsend – and they look great, too, giving your garden an extra dimension. But one thing to remember is that kids will love the natural beauty, too. So, make sure that there are plenty of plants for them to look at – we’ll take a closer look at that now.

We would also suggest giving your children a little patch of their own. You can plant things with them, and teach them the basics of garden care. They will love it – and they will learn some valuable lessons. Plus, if they have their own little patch, they will be less inclined to stomp over your prize marrows or orchids!

Finally, make sure that you concentrate on designing a garden that is easy to maintain. It just means more time playing with the kids rather than tidying up after them. Gardens should be there for everyone to enjoy, and you have a lot of work on your hands looking after the kids as it is. The easier you make it for yourself, the more you will enjoy it! Let us know your plans – and feel free to send us some more tips!

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