Must Have Accessories For The Year Ahead

This year promises to bring some of the very best in fashion that we’ve ever seen. But sometimes it is the choice of accessories that really makes an outfit pop. We’ve all heard about layering, and selecting accessories for structure and shape. There are some great choices when it comes to accessories too.

Scarves are one of my favorite things to wear. They can be practical, fashionable and modest. I love that they keep the chilly wind off the back of my neck. And they can add shape and structure to a dull top too. Lighter scarves add character and charm in the summer. Thick wooly ones keep us warm and fashionable in the winter. A Muslim scarf has all the style and grace you need to keep your hair in check and look great all year round.

I love hats. There are so many incredible styles for women this year. The most obvious one for the summer is a wide brimmed sun hat. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the sportier cap, though. The peak is great for keeping the sun out of your eyes, and it keeps the odd shower from ruining your mascara too. In the winter time, I love the floppy beret in wool. Chunky knits are very fashionable for the winter this year. A set would look gorgeous!

Coats, jackets, capes, and shawls are all great ways to keep warm in the colder months. But if you’re looking for something to wear on a summer night, why not try a pashmina? These were incredibly fashionable a few years back, but they seem to be making a comeback. They are so versatile, and can be worn in dozens of ways. They are designed to cover the shoulders, but more and more people used them as a double wrap scarf. You can even tie them around your waist.

Jewelry finishes any outfit off. It’s great for adding a touch of sparkle and a little glamor to your ensemble. You don’t need to have genuine gemstones to look good. Dress or costume jewelry can be perfect for any occasion. Crystals were very popular last year, and charm beads continue to be on trend. But pearls are making the biggest waves. Wear them as earrings, or even on a string around your wrist.

Most women love the opportunity to buy another handbag. This season is all about the cross body purse. The satchel style has inspired this. A clever blend of messenger depth with practical compartments tucked under a cute buckled flap. Leather is the way to go here as lesser materials seem to struggle to keep the traditional shape. A mix of buckles, zips, and magnetic button fastenings make for a gorgeously eclectic handbag.

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Like most women, I can get pretty excited about my accessories. But this season and the coming year seem to be full of promise when it comes to those little outfit additions. If you’re looking to refresh last season’s outfits, why not try some of this season’s accessories?

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