How To Throw A Fabulous Garden Party For Kids

When it comes to kids birthday parties, you know that they’re going to be loud and messy! They’re always such great fun, it’s no wonder that the children can get over excited. One way to channel that extra energy is to provide lots of great activities. Sometimes there just isn’t the room in the house. So why not take your child’s party out into the garden for a fantastic birthday treat?

If you’re preparing your garden for a child’s party, it’s best to make sure all hazards are carefully managed. It’s possible to have fun on the balcony, but make sure the railings are safe. If you have a pond, be sure it is cordoned off. And if you have a dog, be certain there is no mess left on the lawn! Garages and sheds often contain hazards too so be sure to keep them locked up.

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Decorating the garden can be easier than finding all the decor for inside the house. Start with the lighting. You can use LED light rope lengths to wrap around trees or along the top of the gazebo. They come in lots of colors, so they’re sure to be seen even on a sunny day! Best of all, they can be used indoors too should the weather turn nasty.

Food can be spoilt in sunlight. To ensure the kids are safe you may choose to keep the food buffet indoors. Seating and table outside means they can still enjoy their meal in the garden. When children are playing outside, it’s also important to keep them hydrated. As well as plenty of water and juice, why not offer some freezer pops? They’re great fun for a kids party. You can make your own with moulds so they can be themed.

If you’re using the garden, you might choose to have a paddling pool, and jumping castle, or even a trampoline. Kids love to run about. Something as simple as kicking a soccer ball can keep them entertained. Creating an obstacle course is a great way to structure the fun. It makes a great change from the usual party games too.

Why not set up a treasure hunt? You could even bury a small treasure chest of candies or toys for each of the kids to take home. Why not pop all the party favor bags in a chest for them to find? Clues can be as challenging as you like. Or you might prefer to set up a treasure map. The children could count paces in each direction before finding the right place to dig.

On a really hot day, you might have some games with water. Carrying bowls of water at high speed is a great way to get the kids to work together as a team. It’s a good challenge. Perhaps the winners could receive a prize? There are lots of creative ways to entertain the kids in the garden.

Children’s parties are so much fun. They do take a little planning and preparation on your part, though. Keeping the fun in the garden saves you a lot of heartbreak if things get broken or messy. Why not host your next kids’ party in the garden?

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